Transforming the pace and quality of local authority planning

We understand that, despite ongoing public sector spending challenges, there is a need to deliver long-term regeneration strategies, solutions to tackle the housing shortfall, and to provide high quality development and regulatory services for local residents and businesses.

Already working with over 100 local authorities across the UK, we offer the full spectrum of planning policy, development management and specialist support services. We help you to solve your complex planning challenges, increase productivity, enhance the use of technology and data, and improve the services to customers to support their development ambitions.

Our services give you immediate, on-demand access to planning professionals who can provide you with planning services for as short or as long as you need. We can also provide specialist resources to support your specific projects.

“The sheer volume of planning applications dealt with by Capita has been very impressive and helped us immensely during a period when our planning section was under severe pressure.” Richard Evans, Principal Planner at Warrington Borough Council

How it works

We provide flexible on-site and off-site solutions that can be dialled up or dialled down as required.

Our four key service areas

Planning resilience

With increasing case loads, pressure on resources and a focus on regenerating towns and cities, local authority planning departments are coming under more strain than ever before. As a result, many local authorities are struggling and in some cases, failing to meet their planning statutory requirements and government targets. Our planning resilience service provides support to authorities who do not have the in-house capacity to meet demand. In doing this, we free up resource availability so you can focus on the services that matter most to your residents and businesses.

Development management

Development management is the end to end management of planning applications in a positive way to foster the delivery of sustainable development. It’s about looking for solutions rather than problems and working proactively with applicants to secure development that improve economic, social and environmental conditions of the area for residents and businesses. With our vast commercial understanding and industry experience, we can help you help make informed decisions regarding your planning and development needs to support your projects in a compliant and well-managed manner.

Planning policy

We are experts across all fields of policy involved with planning. With the ability to handle all or part of the planning service, we offer project management to the delivery of the full range of planning policy documents, including local plans and supplementary planning documents; community infrastructure levy charging schedules; local development schemes; annual monitoring reports and statements of community involvement. 

Minerals and waste

Our highly qualified and experienced team can deliver a range of strategic and bespoke minerals and waste related projects of all sizes and complexities across the UK. This includes a range of services such as processing minerals and waste to renewable energy planning applications. We can also bring extra capacity and capability to your existing teams, so you can focus on what matters most to your residents.

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Local government

Improving the pace of housing improvements for the people and place of Warrington

We’ve helped Warrington Borough Council to process householder planning applications for their residents.

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