Decarbonising public sector buildings to help achieve net zero

As the climate change crisis continues to accelerate, and with an estimated 40% of the UK’s emissions coming from households, it’s clear we must adapt the way we live to reduce our carbon footprint.

Public sector bodies have been given zero-carbon targets to help reach net zero by 2050. But with some 300,000 public properties contributing 3% of all carbon emissions in the UK, in many cases this will mean retrofitting whole buildings - even estates - to ensure they’re energy-efficient. Such scale of work requires additional expertise, skills and resource capacity.

Our experienced property specialists can help, providing advice, planning and business case submission on energy efficiency measures across your buildings and social housing. We work side by side with your teams, applying advanced data analytics skills and funding knowledge alongside construction and building surveying expertise to deliver the best value to you.

Wherever you are on your decarbonisation journey, we can help - each stage of our approach can be provided in isolation or as part of a ‘one stop shop’ package to support you throughout your journey.

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£2.5 million

Funding secured for the decarbonisation of Blackburn with Darwen Council’s public estate

2.5 million kWh

How much our decarbonisation plans with Blackburn with Darwen Council have saved each year

Decarbonising public sector buildings to help achieve net zero

Stage 1: Assess

Assessing your decarbonisation requirements

We’ll assess the size and scope of what needs to be addressed and advise on the options available to you, providing the following services:

  • Data harvesting: we’ll gather data to complete condition surveys of existing property stock
  • Data analysis: we’ll determine the current energy efficiency performance of your buildings and identifying key problem areas
  • Identifying opportunities and savings: we’ll pinpoint where efficiencies can be made, such as bulk completion of work programmes
  • Road-mapping and identifying targets: we’ll identify the key targets, benefits, risks, and opportunities for you
  • Skills and training: we’ll identify local suppliers with the necessary experience and skills, outlining training opportunities to maximise uptake and increase jobs, skills and positive outcomes for the local economy
  • Strategic outline case: we’ll deliver a comprehensive report detailing where and how changes can be made, and your options

Stage 2: Advise

Advising how to achieve your goals

We’ll create an outline business case advising on the funding options to help realise your project and how to deliver the bespoke works programme:

  • Costing estimates: our cost consultants will explain the level of funding required
  • Roadmap to zero carbon: we’ll sense check that the strategy is still appropriate in the market, identify any changes and provide detailed cost estimates
  • Finding funding opportunities: we’ll identify potential government grant funding or private financing opportunities to facilitate investment outlined in the zero carbon roadmap
  • Procurement of local skills and delivery: we’ll outline the potential delivery routes through local procurement based on the skills assessment during the ‘assess’ stage
  • Outline business case: we’ll create an outline business case that reflects a detailed cost-assessed strategy, advising on how best to fund and deliver the programme.

Stage 3: Activate

Turning your plans into reality

This phase takes you from the theoretical to the practical. We’ll develop a final business case to secure the funding you need to deliver the work for your first batch of pilot properties, activated through demonstrator bids:

  • A full business case: documenting all details and confirming the strategy while also forming a firm foundation as a demonstrator bid when applying for grant funding and other financing mechanisms
  • Securing funding: using our expertise in the field, we’ll secure the funding on your behalf, putting you in a prime position to get started on your zero-carbon journey
  • Starting on site: our specialists will guide and monitor progress as you begin on-site, ensuring the best strategies are implemented and you successfully engage the support of stakeholders/residents.

Stage 4: Accelerate

Expanding activities to your full portfolio

Upon successful delivery of the pilot programme, we’ll apply the knowledge and strategies we’ve developed to cover a wider scope of your property assets.

Lessons learnt will continuously be implemented and fed into the cycle to maximise efficiency, optimise results, and continue the employment of the local skilled population who will, by now, be experts in zero carbon property delivery.

Monitoring and assurance will form a continual part of our service to ensure a hands-on approach, with regular gateway reviews to identify any areas for improvement, pre-empt any issues and address them quickly.

Experience you can trust

Helping local authorities to realise energy efficiency programmes

Our decarbonisation planning and support is already making a positive impact. We’ve helped Blackburn with Darwen Council to secure funding and planning permission for schemes that will reduce the carbon footprint and electricity bills of 23 council buildings through the installation of sustainable power and heating technologies. These projects will reduce emissions from the council’s estate by around 5% and we are helping to make sure they are delivered on time and on budget.

  • £2.5 million funding secured for the decarbonisation of Blackburn Council’s public estate
  • Our decarbonisation plans with Blackburn with Darwen Council have saved 2.5m kWh, 307 tCO2e and £259,000 in energy bills each year
  • We’re also working with other local authorities, including Flintshire County Council, to decarbonise their social housing estates - ranging from existing housing stock to setting the baseline for new build housing projects.
Man planning

How we help

Reduced cost

We bring cost efficiencies through integrating carbon and business planning packages.

Project management

We deliver end-to-end project management and technical expertise to support your journey and shape your strategies.

Data analytics

We use data to deliver the best outcomes by creating data models to demonstrate the impact of refit interventions and to support funding bids.

Low carbon knowledge

We ensure that the right suppliers and the right low carbon solutions, coordinating multiple suppliers for, say, insulation, electrics, mechanics, heat pumps and solar panels, into a single refit.

Regulatory compliance

Our team includes planning and building control experts who can help steer the programme through its regulatory journey to ensure that compliance and safety are assured.

Procurement and supplier management

We support your procurement process to ensure that suitably qualified local suppliers are engaged to provide expertise and value for money.

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