Delivering project management services to support the completion of major construction projects

Big construction and building projects require a lot of support – and when resources are low this can often be hard for local authorities to find in house.

Our project management office (PMO) helps local authorities, whatever the project – achieving efficiencies, reducing client interfaces, standardising systems and processes, maintaining control of project delivery and improving quality.

Our services include: project planning; resource management; governance and reporting; risk management; stakeholder management; and communications and project controls.

We can help local authorities to:


reduce the risk of projects failing to deliver to time, cost and quality targets


increase the success of projects and programmes in delivering the business value expected


make more efficient use of project resources by using a 'shared service'


make more effective use of skills and resources across projects and programmes


implement and support project management methodology – enabling our business to deliver projects efficiently, with higher quality and within expectations.



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