Central government

We're delivering services and solutions that keep the UK government running and improving services to the public, during uncertain times.

Education services

Capita works in partnership with schools, academy trusts and local authorities to provide specialist expertise, ensuring every child and young person receives a good education, is in a safe and healthy environment and is given expert guidance to realise their full potential.

Public safety

Every day we're supporting emergency service providers to do one of the most important jobs in the world. Working with ambulance trusts, fire and rescue services and police forces – we're delivering vital support services and solutions.

Financial services

We're supporting the finance industry with an extensive range of solutions to meet ever-increasing digital and customer expectations and regulatory demand.

Health services

We’re delivering specialist technology and administrative systems to support under pressure professionals to improve patient outcomes.

Housing services

We're transforming services to help communities, developing approaches fit for the challenges now, and ahead.

Legal services

We're delivering a range of legal and litigation services, as well as supporting law firms and legal services organisations with our software solutions.

Local government

We're providing services and solutions that improve outcomes and save money, so councils can focus on what matters in their communities.

Utility services

We’re helping our utilities clients find new ways to grow and improve in a fast changing industry. Our digital and next generation solutions are turning environmental concerns, new regulations and growing consumer demands into opportunities for growth.

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