Education service solutions

Library management systems

In a word, capability. A great library management system must reliably deliver a brilliant user experience, powerful tools, and insights that will help your organisation improve.

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Early years

Our well established early years service has vast experience of supporting schools and settings to develop high quality education and improve outcomes.  

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Education technology

A broad and expanding range of services, solutions and expertise to the education community. Our aim is to enable learning establishments to get the most from their investment in technology, whilst improving outcomes for all.

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Governor services

Whether you are a new to school governance or have extensive experience, we are on hand to support you in delivering the three core functions of school governance: ensuring vision, ethos and strategic direction; holding executive leaders to account, and overseeing financial performance.

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Outdoor education

We believe that every young person should be encouraged to venture outside more and explore the natural world around them. By nurturing fascination in the natural world, we promote health and wellbeing with the aim of inspiring the explorers of tomorrow.

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School improvement

Our well established school improvement service has vast experience of leading and shaping new initiatives at local authority level.

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Local government services

We're providing services and solutions that improve outcomes and save money, so councils can focus on what matters in their communities.

We manage tax and other revenue collection, benefits payments, building control support, IT networks, accounting and much more – making it easier for council teams to concentrate on delivering their core services.

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Health services

We’re delivering specialist technology and administrative systems to support under-pressure professionals to improve patient outcomes.

We support the care of more than 320 million people worldwide, every day, with everything from healthcare software that boosts efficiency across the NHS and assists HR departments, to wireless infrastructure for the Scottish emergency services, and clinical algorithms for a telephone triage system in Australia.

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Housing services

We're transforming services to help communities, developing approaches fit for the challenges now, and ahead.

From estate renewal and new build homes, to planning development, regeneration and housing management technology, we're delivering solutions to support every need within the housing sector.

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