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Running pension administration and payroll in-house can be complex – trustees and scheme sponsors require reliable software so they can be confident that they’re meeting their responsibilities. Our pensions software is custom-built for your requirements, optimising costs, streamlining services and creating better outcomes. Our software is continually evolving to enable you to manage complex systems and give you greater control. Whatever the size or scheme type, we have a pensions software solution to meet your needs.

Our software solution supports you with:

  1. Managing complex rules: enabling you to adapt to changing regulations through the easy incorporation of new plans, plan options and calculation rules.
  2. Proven implementation delivery: an excellent track record of completing projects on time and within agreed costs.
  3. Enhancing user experience: a secure, intuitive user experience facilitating increased self-service. 

Our solution is based on market-leading database and development platforms, offering fully integrated, paperless pensions administration with the flexibility to grow, adapt and evolve along with your needs.

It’s web-based, comprehensive and easy to use, designed with the needs of service-centric organisations in mind to enable them to make significant operational savings, enjoy flexibility and see an immediate return on investment.

Key statistics



➥ million members administered

The solution – pensions software

Improving efficiency
Cost certainty
Quick access to information

How it helps

Takes away manual processes so you can easily track key performance indicators. Reduces the risk of errors and saves time.

Assess your current efficiency and cut away unnecessary costly upgrades. Uses automation for simple tasks and frees staff for value-add work.

Gives you access to information such as member data and payouts due in real-time. Real-time metrics allow for constant, up-to-date monitoring, adding to your value proposition.

Features include

Simple Microsoft integration and compatibility with other applications. 

A clear pricing structure tells you exactly what to expect going forward.

Provides access to relevant employer data and information. 

Who is it for

Blue-chip in-house administration teams. 

Pension administrators looking to increase benefits alongside certainty and transparency of costs.

Administrators looking for a real-time response service and a true value-add. 

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Automated workflow processes

Our software removes unwanted manual processes, improving both your operational efficiency and your ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical success factors (CSFs) whilst ensuring you don’t have to undertake unnecessary upgrades.


Microsoft Office integration

It is compatible with popular Microsoft solutions and allows for interoperability with other data sources, applications, systems and programming languages.



Enhanced user experience

It offers one of the most advanced online experiences in the market, facilitating greater self-service and providing members with a secure, intuitive user experience.



Management information at your fingertips

It meets all your specific requirements with limited configuration, including providing real-time member data, straight-through processing and access to relevant employer data and information.


Managing complex plan rules

Our flexible, future-proof solution enables you to adapt to changing regulatory requirements and incorporate new plans, plan options and calculation rules.



Proven implementation delivery

Our implementation methodologies are tried and tested, and we have an excellent record of completing projects within time and agreed cost.




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