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The complex and ever-changing challenges of pensions mean that trustees require expert advice and guidance to perform their duties. Pension schemes have many moving parts and having oversight and control of these is a major challenge. It can feel overwhelming at times and schemes need to be confident that they are fulfilling all their legal responsibilities and governance duties.

For pension schemes that are open to current employees and new joiners, pensions will represent the biggest part of an employee’s remuneration package after salary. This means employers want to ensure their scheme is attractive to new and existing employees, as well as ensuring it meets all the necessary governance requirement.

As one of the UK’s leading advisers of pension schemes, our experienced pensions consultants can help you navigate these challenges, and provide clarity and confidence, by devising a long-term strategy with pension scheme trustees and the sponsoring employer. Our services include:

  • DB and DC pensions consulting
  • Strategic pensions advice
  • Scheme management
  • Pension scheme governance
  • Trustee secretarial services
  • Pension scheme special projects
  • Auto-enrolment solutions
  • Default investment fund review for DC schemes

Key statistics



➥ of people have no idea how much they have in their pensions pot



➥ of people say they don’t understand enough about their pension to make considered changes



➥ of employees want coaching on all aspects of retirement

How our pensions consultants help

Meet your fiduciary responsibilities

Our consulting services enable trustees to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities with regards to their pension scheme.

Expertise to ensure compliance

Excellent knowledge of the regulatory and legislative landscape means that clients can be confident that they are fulfilling their duties.

Day to day running of your scheme

We provide scheme secretarial services to take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the scheme.

Collaboration for a successful pensions strategy

We formulate the pensions strategy with trustee or sponsoring employer with regards to their pension scheme which could include running to a sustainable end, fast-tracking towards exit, member engagement and communications.

Full scheme management and governance

Scheme management and scheme governance ensures trustees stay compliant. We can project-manage key challenges over the year, provide a point of contact for all other pension services and co-ordinate these.

Expert secretarial services

Many of our consultants have also been appointed as secretary to schemes, giving them a broader perspective of the challenges that schemes face, and providing more of a partnership approach.

Why Capita

  • A team of 150 specialists; we’re pension consultants to over 150 UK pensions schemes across both DB, DC and Hybrid arrangements, with over 430,000 members, and across all industries.
  • An established, holistic consulting function advising on end-date journey planning, scheme governance and broader scheme management. 
  • Trusted advisers to the sponsoring employer as well as to the Trustee Board.
  • Excellent client management; most clients have been with Capita for more than ten years. 
  • With a finite budget we provide schemes with a clearer understanding of costs for the year ahead.
  • Our consultants are highly experienced with the ability to draw from across the consulting practice, as well as our pensions administration,
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