Journey planning and de-risking activities

Pensions debt has come into sharper focus in the last few years with employers taking a much closer look due to the cost of running a defined benefit (DB) scheme, coupled with the balance sheet risk they present. More and more employers are thinking about end-date planning with many seeking expert advice to oversee the stewardship of the pension scheme.

When your governance costs are disproportionately high or a governance burden is looming, it can make sense to have your scheme’s assets and liabilities bought by an insurer, so that you can wind it up and reduce your risks.

Our strong reputation, flexible approach and high completion rate – combined with our pensions management expertise and analytics software – means that we can support you all the way. Starting with journey planning to post-transaction, we can help you get your scheme ready for buy-out, identify the best time to sell, all the way to successfully completing the transaction with an insurer.

Pensions strategy and liability management advice

The long-term goals of your pension arrangements will dictate almost every scheme decision you need to make with your scheme. We create bespoke strategies for schemes of all sizes that acknowledge their unique differences. We deliver with the right advice and guidance to trustees and scheme sponsors at every step of the way.

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Why Capita?

We have a highly experienced defined benefit (DB) pensions practice with experts providing actuarial, investment and consulting services. We are pension experts and have advised over 100 schemes on de-risking activities. We have a proven track record of seeing pension schemes through their full journey to their end destination with transparency and certainty over fees and timescales.

Our capabilities include:

  • De-risking, journey planning and end date planning
  • Financial reporting (annual accounts)
  • Trustee negotiations
  • Scheme funding advice
  • Liability management
  • Scheme closures
  • Insurance solutions
  • Corporate restructure
  • M&A support

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