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In 2015, the Government introduced changes to public sector pensions which meant that most workers were moved into pension schemes providing benefits on a career average basis. This was challenged and, in December 2018, the Court of Appeal ruled that the ‘transitional protection’ offered to some members of the judges’ and firefighters’ schemes gave rise to unlawful discrimination. In July 2020, the Treasury launched a consultation to seek views on proposed method of implementing changes to remedy age discrimination. While we’re still waiting for legislative changes, McCloud rectification work will be complex and pension schemes need expert advice in dealing with this issue.

Regardless of whether your scheme’s administration is run in-house or outsourced via a third-party administrator (TPA), we can provide the essential expert advice on remediation to navigate the complexities of this ruling. In addition to supporting you with  undertaking the required remediation activities, we’ll help you  understand the cost for your scheme in terms of the impact on liabilities, implementation and ongoing administration. 

Our McCloud team is part of our pensions administration team – one of the largest in the UK -  and brings together actuaries, administrators, data analysts and communications consultants. Our experts are  highly experienced in managing large rectification projects, as well as being one of the few administrators able to run some of the largest and most complex public sector pension arrangements.

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How we can help


We can help schemes prepare to deal proactively with the new legislation by putting in place the technology and expertise carry out complex remediation activities.


We help to gather, analyse and validate data. We can assist in a wide range of data assessments and correction exercises, from tracing members to fixing data issues.


We have the scale, industry experience and technical expertise. Schemes can be confident that their project is being run by a company with a breadth of experience in large remediation projects.


Communication is a key component of any remediation exercise, and we help you communicate the most complex concepts in a simple, easily understandable way.


We provide dashboards, reports, and audit data for complete transparency of the project Remediation activity will be monitored and controlled throughout its life cycle, and individual cases will be tracked.


Schemes can be confident that  We offer the reassurance of your data being handled by a robust, secure, enterprise-quality solution.

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