Transforming the way Britain travels

The Government’s ambitious targets to reduce the impact of travel on the environment mean that today’s transport providers have an important role to play. 

From the national pledge to create a net zero rail network by 2050, to the Government’s investment of £2bn to enable half of town and city journeys to be cycled or walked by 2030, finding sustainable, efficient solutions is now front of mind. 

We understand the balancing act of achieving those ambitions whilst keeping costs down for everyone - we’re already working closely with the country’s largest transport providers, applying our transformational and technology expertise to help tackle these challenges.

Take a look below at our insights, videos and other useful resources designed to help you with shifting citizens’ attitudes to travel.

Key statistics

In numbers: Capita and cleaner travel

34 million

how many people in the UK we help to travel more safely, sustainably and affordably

> 90%

how many vehicles in the ULEZ zone now meet the standard


how many vehicles are now ULEZ compliant as we help create cleaner air in London


reduction in emissions in London since 2019

How we help

Enabling greener travel

Encouraging people to make greener choices about the way they travel is key to achieving net zero. To be successful, transport providers need to combine greener options with genuine community engagement. At Capita, we blend our industry, transformational and technology expertise to help transport providers to encourage citizens to think differently about how they get around.

From our own research, it’s clear that transport providers need to raise their profiles and play a greater role in informing, inspiring and enabling this change. Read our exclusive research report to learn more about the public’s perception of net zero and how you can inspire sustainable behaviours from your passengers.




Video: Discover the importance of clean air zones

We’ve helped to introduce a clean air zone in London – discover how these zones improve air quality.

Watch the video >
The central ULEZ that launched in April 2019 was a world first and has already seen harmful nitrogen dioxide slashed by 44 per cent. The expansion of the zone will see the whole city breathing cleaner air.”

Alex Williams, Director of City Planning, Transport for London

Our solutions

Supporting sustainable travel

At Capita, we apply our unique blend of transformational, technology and industry expertise to work in close collaboration with the country’s largest transport providers.

From running the world’s largest Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to building next-generation intelligent railway infrastructure and air traffic control systems, we’re delivering critical services in partnership with public service operators to keep people on the move.



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