Connecting passengers and enhancing experience, safely, efficiently and sustainably

As the transport industry focuses on enabling people in the UK to travel more safely and sustainably it must also keep costs down, for passengers and in terms of operational efficiency. We help tackle these challenges with our unique blend of transformational and technology expertise, working in close collaboration with the country’s largest transport providers.

Whether passengers are flying abroad on holiday, taking the train to work, or heading off in the car for a family outing, we’ve been playing a part in helping to improve their journeys.

From running the world’s largest Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), to planning local roads, to building next-generation intelligent railway infrastructure and air traffic control systems, and creating user-friendly integrated ticket systems for Network Rail and bus networks, we deliver critical services in partnership with the public service operators to keep people on the move.


Key statistics


1.4 million +

➥ How many images we process each day on behalf of Transport for London for the Congestion Charge Scheme.


34 million

➥ The number of people in the UK we’re helping to travel more safely, sustainably and affordably.

Transforming transport programmes with innovation

Thanks to our combination of transport industry and technology expertise, and an in-depth understanding of system integration, we’re at the heart of many of the major transport transformation initiatives in the UK.

London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone
We’re operating the rapid expansion of Ultra-Low Emission Zone for Transport for London (TfL), delivering digital transformation underpinned by the largest ever cloud migration in Europe at the time.

London North East Railway and Go-Ahead Group
We’ve delivered procurement transformation to create huge efficiencies for the London North East Railway and Go-Ahead Group so they can release additional funds for frontline services.

Transport for London’s Congestion Charge Scheme
We provide the end-to-end management of TfL’s Congestion Charge Scheme, from payments and customer support to enforcement. These comprise IT, back office and contact centre services and systems, as well as complex IT integration with third parties, such as the ANPR camera provider and European debt recovery agencies

Enhancing passenger experience

Our driving force is to provide the best possible experience for the UK traveller whilst having a positive impact on both the environment and the economy. This includes partnerships with organisations such as Network Rail, National Highways, Transport for London (TfL) and National Air Traffic Services (NATS)

Improving the availability of the UK's rail infrastructure
We've been providing expertise to Network Rail to understand what's likely to go wrong and when, and what the impact will be, so we can intervene to prevent impacts to train services country wide.

Keeping passengers informed and connected
We’ve designed and delivered smart scheduling programmes and services - such as Wi-Fi – to connect 100,000 people a day on the London Underground.

Supporting communities with cleaner air and creating jobs
We recruited 700 people in the West Midlands to support the expansion of Transport for London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, helping to reduce carbon emissions in London whilst strengthening the regional economy in the West Midlands.

Our transport expertise

Supporting Transport for London to improve citizen outcomes

Supporting Transport for London to improve outcomes

Since we launched the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) on behalf of TfL in 2019, NOₓ (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions in London have reduced by 44%, protecting Londoners from harmful pollution.

Changing citizen behaviours successfully for healthier outcomes

Changing citizen behaviours for healthier outcomes

Why community engagement is a prerequisite for achieving sustainability and what Capita is doing to support this by putting people at the heart of its vision and operations.

How we help transport operators

Services to enhance passenger experience

From improving communications to make it easier to plan journeys, to helping you play your part in creating healthier communities and a more sustainable planet by reducing pollution, we take pride in turning public policy into action:

Customer experience transformation

From consulting for omnichannel customer journey design to the latest technologies such as real time voice analytics agent support, virtual assistants, self-learning chatbots and interactive voice response (IVR), we’re leaders in customer experience transformation.

Digital connectivity

We provide network and connectivity solutions for some of the biggest and most complex environments in the UK, enabling transport operators to communicate with key surface transportation infrastructure to improve traffic flow and public information displays.

Learning & development

We help you improve passenger experience by developing a learning strategy that creates better outcomes for your organisation, employees and passengers. We’ll then support you and your workforce to deliver this with compelling learning content, technology and data.

Assisted customer conversations

We’re adding enormous value to the service that we provide for our client’s customers through our customer contact centres with AI-driven technology that analyses conversations and automatically helps our agents to identify the best solutions to customers’ queries.

Conversational AI

Your first line of defence in times of high demand, conversational AI delivers critical information to customers, lifting the load from contact centres, and preventing BAU from grinding to a halt as advisers become swamped with calls. It’s also quick and easy to deploy, and simple to scale.

Complaint handling

Providing customer service solutions for some of the UK’s biggest companies - from running entire contact centres to assisting existing teams - we’re helping not just with day to day enquiries but with tailor-made solutions for handling complaints.

Services to help you improve efficiency and reduce costs

Business operations

Our comprehensive range of managed services for finance and accounting, procurement, surveys and research, travel and events, and workplace administration are providing our clients with the resources, infrastructure, skills and technologies to allow them to focus on what they do best.


We're one of the UK’s largest providers of strategic and tactical procurement services with a global delivery platform, designing and delivering innovative, flexible procurement solutions that help our transport clients manage and improve their supply chain.

Technology services to help you stay ahead

Cyber security

With two security operations centres (SOC) in the UK and partnerships with all leading security vendors, we apply our deep expertise of understanding business processes across multiple industries and sectors to identify and close the gaps to cybercrime.


We harness our digital transformation, system and service integration capabilities to support organisations shifting towards a hybrid IT approach, migrating existing infrastructure and applications to the cloud to scale up systems to respond to changes such as increased road user volumes.

IT services

Our field, on-site, remote monitoring and project services give you access to a pool of specialist IT resources to keep your organisation running. We support the ongoing health and maintenance of your IT estate and, if there is an issue, local engineers are on hand to respond quickly.

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