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The transport industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of change as it attempts to keep pace with the increasingly complex demands placed upon our road, rail and air infrastructure.

The industry must re-double its efforts to address the poor public perception of transport and society's changing attitudes surrounding the undeniable impact of transport upon climate change. Delivering a safe, secure and resilient transport infrastructure capable of meeting the ever increasing capacity requirements of society and business means rethinking how road, rail and air transport are planned, funded, delivered and maintained.

From finding new ways to help plan, organise and manage customer journeys to enabling more efficient and sustainable transport operations to be delivered, we're helping our transport clients to transform the experience of travel every day.

We have the expertise to help deliver change programmes and enable your workforce to adapt to these changes. We are introducing intelligent infrastructure to reduce disruption and maximise capacity on rail and road infrastructure and helping to achieve back office cost savings so that you can invest in maximising value to your customers and society as a whole.


rail bookings

A month on behalf of Network Rail. Capita provides booking services for national rail, air and hotels.



With British Transport Police connected nationally to radio and telephony communications and incident management.

Helping to keep London moving


Working on behalf, and with, Transport for London, we manage the London Congestion Charging scheme.

This high-profile service has been instrumental in reducing congestion in London and also provides Transport for London with significant revenue each year, supporting investment in the transport that is critical in keeping London moving.

We’ve implemented a robust service model that delivers both the congestion charge and business operations, including processing of traffic enforcement notices across the entire TfL road network.

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images processed per day, with over 1.2m registered customers.


payments processed on behalf of TFL each day.

Motorists’ needs are changing and so must motor finance

The current financial pressures are causing many of us to examine more closely what we spend, and to reconsider our attitudes around even the very staples of day-to-day life – such as the car.

We’re in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. Inflation has risen, interest rates are up and what we put in our shopping carts is a lot more expensive now than twelve months ago. All of these pressures are casing us to rethink car ownership. Our thought leadership paper discusses these challenges and highlights how motor financers can adapt and reap the rewards.

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Our latest insights


Central government



Local government

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More of our work

Central government
Our work
4 mins read
We’re proud to have partnered with Transport for London (TfL) for nearly a decade across multiple key operations, including the congestion charging scheme, the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and the Direct Vision Standard, jointly supporting better outcomes for citizens who visit, work and live in the capital.

Our work
3 mins read
We worked with the company to ensure it could effectively communicate with all of its customers, in a number of languages, ensuring its website could reach users at a global, multilingual level.
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Our related services


Customer journey

Capita has worked with Transport for London (TfL) to deliver the first publicly available 2G, 3G and 4G mobile service on the London Underground.

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Employee journey

Keep up to date with the latest HR insights for the rail and transport sector.

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Clean air

Find out how Capita are supporting the launch and operation of the world’s largest Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

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We're providing extensive design, construction, management and maintenance of major road network projects to local authorities across the UK.

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Asset management

AMT-Sybex, part of Capita, has been supporting our utility and infrastructure clients for decades, with software solutions that enable their business to perform better.

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Back office

Whether you want to take your people on a once in a lifetime incentive trip, or simply host a productive meeting, Capita has an intelligent solution for you.

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