The latest British Army recruitment advertising campaign targets the six in 10 people 
who do not think the Army is for them.

Monday 4 September, London:  The British Army, today, unveiled its latest recruitment campaign: ‘You Belong Here’ to challenge the misconceptions among the 59% of young people who do not believe they would fit in, in the British Army.

Supporting the 2023 recruitment of 16 to 34-year-olds, across Regulars, Reserves and Officers, the new campaign speaks directly to young people by showing that there is a place for them here within the British Army, and that we are always looking for people just like them.

Belonging has always been at the heart of what it means to ‘be the best’ in the Army, but new research from the Army reveals that the nature of belonging has evolved for young people. Broadening beyond camaraderie the research found that young people are now actively choosing to prioritise where and how they belong, with 88% of young people stating they believe a career that reflects their values is important.

The research also found that fewer than one in two (48%) young people believe the Army would fulfil their values. Yet it also uncovered young Brits share similar values with the Army of respect, fun, working hard and being helpful.

The four values young people share with the Army:
•    Respect – treat others as you expect to be treated
•    Fun – life is challenging, so it’s important to enjoy yourself
•    Hard work – take control of your life and work hard for what you want
•    Helpfulness – be ready to support and give help to others

Major General Tom Bewick OBE, General Officer Commanding, Army Recruiting, comments: “Every year our recruitment campaign evolves to address new challenges that create a barrier to recruitment. This year is no different. ‘You Belong Here’ seeks to dispel any doubts that young people may have about fitting in the Army by speaking to how we’re more alike than they think.

“We hope the new campaign sends the message to all aspiring recruits that they belong where their values mean something – they belong here in the British Army.”

‘You Belong Here’ is an integrated campaign across TV, cinema, radio, out-of-home (OOH), online, and social media.

The campaign creative puts potential recruits in the heart of dramatic scenarios where a first-person perspective is used, and the viewer is invited to make decisions about what to do next. For example, in the 30 second hero film titled ‘Evacuation’ viewers are immersed into a civilian evacuation during a conflict. It concludes with the viewer being tasked with a decision whether to help evacuate people to safety before the words: ‘You Belong Here’ appears on screen.

‘You Belong Here’ launches on Monday 4 September 2023. ‘Evacuation’ one of three 30 second campaign films will be available to watch on YouTube from this date. 

The Army is always recruiting, and there are a wide range of roles available for both Soldiers and Officers. Search ‘Army Jobs’ to find out more or visit 

For more information about The Army, interview requests and photography please contact the Army Communications team or the Ministry of Defence Directorate of Communications.

Notes to Editors

The Belonging Campaign Timeline
•    2017 – This is Belonging
•    2018 – This is Belonging
•    2019 – Your Army Needs You
•    2020 – Confidence That Lasts A Lifetime 
•    2021 – Fail. Learn. Win and A Soldier Is A Soldier
•    2022 – Nothing Can Do What A Soldier Can Do
•    2023 – You Belong Here

The Regular Army

There are hundreds of different roles available within the Army, including infantry, engineering, HR, finance, intelligence, IT, communications, logistics, medical and support roles. It is also has the largest apprenticeship programme in the country with about 95 per cent of new soldiers taking part and over 8,000 completing their apprenticeship training each year. As well as offering exciting, challenging and rewarding jobs with world-class training, the Army gives recruits unrivalled opportunities for travel, adventure and self-development that very few other employers can provide.

The Army Reserve

The Army Reserve is an integral part of the UK Armed Forces and offers a wide variety of careers and opportunities for both soldiers and officers, with multiple roles available now. The Army Reserve has units based across the country and anyone from the age of 18 upwards can apply to join. The Army Reserve offers flexible employment and the opportunity to conduct training around your other responsibilities, it also offers the chance for overseas deployments and longer training periods of paid employment. Time serving is pensionable, earn an annual tax-free bonus, all kit and equipment is provided.

The Army puts mental fitness at equal importance to physical fitness. Through the recent introduction of Mental Resilience Training for every soldier, and an appointed Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion, the Army teaches soldiers psychological skills like a resilient mindset, goal setting and emotional control, helping them to unlock their potential. 

About Capita

Capita has worked with the British Army since 2012 to deliver the end-to-end recruitment of military personnel. The 12-year recruitment partnering project sees Capita directly manage circa. 1,100 Capita and Army team members across a central headquarters and 68 army careers centres across four geographic territories, delivering services via four soldier assessment centres, a dedicated officer selection centre and the Army School of Recruiting which trains all personnel who work in the recruiting operation.

About RPP (Recruiting Partnering Project)

The Recruiting Partnering Project (RPP) involves Capita plc and the Army working hand-in-hand to attract, source and select officers and soldiers for the British Army (Regular & Reserve).

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