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Capita plc (Capita) has launched the business’ first employee leadership council. The council comprises 11 individuals, drawn from different parts of Capita, who have been identified as potential future leaders within the organisation.

The council will act as an advisory group, representing the perspective of employees, to Capita’s Executive Committee (ExCo), the business’ senior leadership team. It will also contribute to business-critical projects including new programmes aiming to accelerate Capita’s drive to become more inclusive and diverse.

Each council member’s tenure will be for two years, during which they will benefit from learning and development opportunities designed to enhance their leadership skills. This will occur through projects the council is asked to deliver and a rotating programme of mentorships which will be provided by members of ExCo, including Capita’s CEO, Jon Lewis.

The launch of the employee leadership council builds on the significant programme of transformation that the business has been going through to break down barriers and extend opportunities to all colleagues. This includes the launch of employee network groups, a mutual mentoring programme, mandatory anti-racism training, Real Living Wage accreditation and the addition of employee directors to the Board.

Marcel De Jonghe, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and member of Capita’s employee leadership council, said:

“I am proud and excited to join Capita’s first leadership council and look forward to working with my new colleagues over the course of our tenure.

“I helped launch our ground-breaking mutual mentoring programme and I hope that this council can support ExCo to launch new initiatives that make Capita the best place it can be.

“Capita has been on a journey to become more inclusive, diverse and anti-racist; and I believe this council will play a crucial role in helping the business deliver further positive change.”

Fola Odunkukan, Senior Consultant for Capita Public Service and member of Capita’s employee Leadership Council said:

“Over the last few years, Capita has shown that it is keen to continue to create better outcomes for all its employees.  The change has been very positive so far and I want to help to shape and support the organisation through this exciting time and that is why I am excited to be part of the Leadership council.

“As the EmbRACE Employee Network Group lead, I bring vast experience of collaborative working with many employees who desire to see change and create better outcomes for their colleagues.  I really look forward to helping and supporting Capita on key strategic decisions that have a positive impact on everyone.”

Scott Hill, Chief People Officer at Capita and member of ExCo, said:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our first employee leadership council; and, on behalf of the whole executive committee, I want to congratulate all of its ground-breaking members. We have been on a multi-year journey to make Capita a truly purpose-led and responsible business, and the launch of our leadership council is the next step in that programme.

“They have the potential to be our next generation of business leaders and each bring diverse skills, perspectives and experiences to these new roles.

“The council members will provide crucial support and advice to our ExCo which will enable us to reach better informed decisions that make Capita a better place to work for all our colleagues, while improving outcomes for our customers.”  

The members of the new employee leadership council are:

  • Adithya Chivukula – Director, Technology and Shared Services
  • Aparajita ‘Aps’ Ajit– Financial Services MD, Capita Experience
  • Amrit Saroya – National Account Director, Capita Public Service
  • Eileen Lewis – Socially Responsible Resourcing Lead, Capita Group
  • Fola Odunukan – Senior Consultant, Capita Public Service
  • Gill Burgess – Delivery Director, Capita Experience
  • Marcel De Jonghe – Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Capita Group
  • Ross Taylor – Project Manager, Capita Experience
  • Steph Bright – Research and Insights Lead, Capita Public Service
  • Sunil Shah – Head of Legal, Capita Public Service
  • Tiina Stephens – Director of Digital, Capita Public Service


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