Capita announces today that it has launched Capita Consulting, a new challenger business that will partner with clients to help transform their companies using digitally enabled technology.

It will differentiate itself from the UK’s established consultancy and professional services firms by drawing on Capita’s 30 years of practical experience in designing, building and running the systems and processes of hundreds of organisations.

Capita Consulting will utilise the latest technological trends such as digital optimisation, automation, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and data analytics. This will not only deliver operational change but pre-empt the growing risk of industry disruption that many companies face.

The consulting business will also bring together Capita’s practical, hands-on experience with expertise spanning technology platforms, start-ups and academia to design and implement the very best solutions to the challenges clients face.

Capita Consulting is aligned to the Capita group’s wider ambition of becoming a responsible business, with sustainability and ethical design being key operating principles which are already helping attract senior-level consultants from other established practices.

The launch of Capita Consulting marks an important strategic moment in Capita’s multi-year transformation strategy as a consulting, digital services and software business.

The new business will play a key role in the future growth of the company by creating a new revenue stream, help better prioritise which services to develop for clients and improve Capita’s engagement with senior executives.

The new consultancy has offices in London, Newcastle, Manchester and Edinburgh. It already has 30 partner-level consultants, supported by 270 analytical and technical consultants and is expected to have more than 450 consultants in total by the end of 2020.

Jon Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of Capita, said: "Our new consulting business will challenge the established companies in this market, by offering practical, hands-on expertise drawn from 30 years of designing, building and running the processes of hundreds of organisations."

Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer of Capita, said: "Capita Consulting grew from our own clients asking us to provide them with consulting services, drawn from our longstanding experience of executing complex transformation programmes; so we’re meeting a real demand.

“We’re already excited about some of the high-profile hires we’ve made so far, who have been impressed with our vision and Capita’s ambition of becoming a truly responsible and innovative business.”

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