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Capita Scaling Partner portfolio company releases predictive visual analytics for Google Chrome

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Dragonfly AI is one of six companies in the Capita Scaling Partner portfolio

Having joined in August 2019. One of over 50 applications to our Digital Disruptors programme Dragonfly AI were the stand out in showing their innovation and products have absolute relevance for the entire Capita ecosystem. Today they release what has already proven, in beta, to be an invaluable tool for designers, creatives, and publishers of digital content.

Whether it is an e-commerce website or local authority customer portal, the Dragonfly AI Google Chrome extension gives the advantage of quantitatively evaluating what customers and citizens will see first. Ever wondered why customers are navigating away from pages, dropping out of the happy path to instigate webchat or call a customer service agent? Well now we have the power to show visually what may be distracting or hiding the ideal outcome in plain sight - instantly.

The application of the Dragonfly AI proprietary static algorithm provides not only the colour gradient heat map that give a visual clue as to what customers and citizens are seeing but also 3 new research based metrics to further evaluate, and importantly, improve content.

With this product release Dragonfly AI gives the ability to evaluate:

  • POP – Probability of Perception: The percentage of viewers likely to see an element at first glance
  • SOA – Share of Attention: The share of attention attributed to an element at first glance
  • LAS – Local Attention Score: The average level of visual saliency achieved by a given element

Dragonfly AI is not about being reactive, together with Capita they are helping companies act predictively by testing and iterating content. Improving workflows to optimise content before publishing and ensuring users have the best digital experience possible. Across Capita we are seeing customer centric and experience led design leveraging the power of Dragonfly AI to not only identify lost engagement opportunities but highlight areas where cost reduction  and quality improvements can be quickly validated using ‘Proof of Value’ case studies.

With cross sector, channel, and content applications we see the customer end to end journey through their eyes in a way that has not been possible before without major investment of time and cost.

Want to try it for yourself? For a limited time, full access trial to the Google Chrome extension is available here. For a full end to end evaluation of your customer of citizen experience, including Dragonfly AI analytics, contact Capita Consulting Experience.

About Capita Scaling Partner (CSP)

CSP are the corporate venturing unit within Capita plc managing a portfolio of 6 scale up businesses across fin-tech, mark-tech and HR-tech. Embedded in the global start-up ecosystem they are constantly engaging the market for the best technology led innovation and agile early stage business that can add immense value to both Capita, our clients and suppliers.

About Dragonfly AI

Dragonfly AI is a SaaS technology business bringing predictive visual analytics, built on a biological algorithm, to a global client audience. 10 years of research at Queen Mary University of London and validation through MIT 300 has created a product that enables businesses see exactly what their customers see at first glance and evaluate whether their content is aligned to their strategic objectives. Used extensively by GSK, HH Global and Capita, Dragonfly AI is helping business predict customer behaviour.