Capita has been awarded a three-year contract worth £3.1m over three years to supply, install and support secure 4G mobile and satellite voice and data communications to the UK government’s Border Force.

The Border Force is a law enforcement agency within the Home Office. The force patrols UK maritime boarders and responds to at-sea security threats, including smuggling of contraband, human trafficking and clandestine crossings. The force has a number of sea-going vessels, including five cutters.

Capita’s hybrid maritime connectivity service will enable the Border Force’s cutters to connect to Home Office systems while at sea. Using a combination of global satellite and 4G roaming, the service will provide 100 per cent coverage across UK and European waters. This will be done over a secure and resilient network.

The Capita service is designed for the Border Force’s five cutters. It will provide a scalable platform to support future Border Force requirements, including remote system and engine diagnostics, vessel tracking and live video streaming.

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