A technical partnership between Capita SIMS and Learning Ladders means that primary schools will be able to measure pupils’ progress without levels easily and then analyse that data within the SIMS management information system.

This will ensure schools can instantly compare the progress of their pupils against similar schools nationally, giving them the confidence that they are improving outcomes for pupils and highlighting areas where more work is required.

Developed by schools, for schools, Learning Ladders allows the freedom to easily personalise the curriculum to support an individual school’s assessment policy. Using ‘Ladders’, the approach is designed to support formative assessment within the classroom and aims to involve the whole school community in a conversation about learning.

Once information has been entered into Learning Ladders against the individual ‘Ladder Rungs’ it is automatically imported into SIMS which 22,000 schools already use. This automatic import saves time and gives senior leadership teams an accurate benchmark of progress.

Matthew Koster-Marcon, Managing director, Learning Ladders, said: "Now that schools have the freedom to develop a curriculum tailored to the particular needs of their pupils, it follows that they need a solution that can simply analyse the overall progress of an individual, group or an entire class. Our partnership with SIMS equips schools across the country with all the curriculum management skills that they need."

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