Capita takes over the running of Royal Navy training

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Capita is delivering these services through a 12-year contract, signed in December 2020, which will see it transform and modernise Navy training across 16 sites in the UK.

Capita is lead partner in a consortium, known as Team Fisher, which includes Raytheon UK, Elbit Systems UK, Fujitsu, the University of Lincoln and several smaller British suppliers.

Following the contract signing, Capita has worked diligently to prepare for a smooth transition for the training service. Today’s milestone will see over 800 colleagues joining Capita and its consortium partners to deliver and facilitate training over the coming years.

As the service is modernised by Capita, it will provide the Royal Navy with qualified and more motivated and experienced personnel who are equipped with the skills and expertise needed to deal better with the challenges of the future.

Capita’s approach, which will make learning more personalised for service personnel, aligns with the Navy’s wider transformation agenda to make training more flexible and efficient and to minimise time spent away from the front line. Capita will also use its expertise in digital transformation to review service design, modernise courses and deploy cutting edge technology to enhance courses including synthetic training systems and data analytics.

Andy Start, Capita’s Chief Executive Officer for Government Services, said: “We are proud to begin delivering shore-based training for the Royal Navy and we are delighted to be welcoming over 800 experienced colleagues to Capita and our consortium partners.

"Over the next 12 years, we will work with our world-class partners and the Royal Navy to transform and modernise this service.”

Rear Admiral Phil Hally, Director People and Training and Naval Secretary, said: “Today marks a landmark day for Navy training. Capita’s consortium will ensure that we are able to fulfil our ambition of transforming the way we train our people, unlocking more opportunities for them to fulfil their potential while increasing availability for operations; getting better trained people to the frontline, faster.”

Capita will combine a range of sophisticated technologies, processes and training management systems to fulfil the 12-year Royal Navy shore-based training contract. It will:

  • Review and modernise all training courses and provide accompanying analytics to ensure training methods best meet the Royal Navy’s needs.
  • Run live on-the-ground training, and develop and deploy new methods, including digital learning and training simulation technology.
  • Manage all the associated Royal Navy training equipment including procurement and decommissioning.
  • Provide data through performance dashboards for Royal Navy management and manage IT infrastructure.
  • Improve accreditation and apprenticeship management, and run Royal Navy learning and development hubs and career advice services.
  • Market Royal Navy courses to the wider international defence market and identify further revenue opportunities for the service.