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Congratulations to Sade Olokodana, Deputy Planning Enforcement Manager from Capita’s partnership with Barnet Council, for her inclusion on The Planner’s ‘Women of Influence’ list for 2021.

The ‘Women of Influence’ list is an annual feature by The Planner on International Women’s Day, celebrating the impact of women on planning and planners. Some are included as they've had a significant influence on national planning policy and others because they've inspired the planners who work with them.

Sade’s role as Deputy Manager of Barnet’s Planning Enforcement team – one of the busiest and most active planning enforcement teams in the country – ensuring that Barnet’s aspirations are met and assisting other authorities enforcement teams, has been exemplary, especially in very challenging circumstances, such as the pandemic.

Sade, with the support of her team, has played a key role in setting up the procedures and systems that will continue to be a model for service provision and staff development for many years to come.

Sade has also been appointed as a mentor to two members of staff undertaking the new Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) apprentice qualification and, as mentor and line manager, will be an important part in supporting their growth and development as town planners.

Mark Dally, Director of Regulatory and Place Services, said: “Sade has been instrumental in seeing the Covid-19 emergency as an opportunity to re-orientate and modernise the Barnet service, where she is the Deputy Planning Enforcement Manager.”

“Beyond planning, Sade has been a champion for Black women in the workplace and is a fine example of a highly effective leader. She has helped the service navigate the emotions of last summer and has been an ambassador for Black history and the contribution of BAME personalities to the modern United Kingdom.”

Sade said: “I am pleased to have been chosen as one of The Planner’s Women of Influence this year and to be listed with some highly influential and amazing women. I work alongside many hard-working, talented women who are also an influence to me daily.”

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