Giving our clients a first glimpse at new customer service technology

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February saw the first of three scheduled ‘innovation open days’ in 2019. Guests from up and down the country attended, representing many of the UK’s top brands, from multiple industry sectors.

James Brooks, Capita CX Innovation Lead, describes the day:

These open days offer clients the opportunity to interact with the latest technology and innovations developed by our customer management innovation team.

Our team was first assembled to solve industry-specific problems through technology, analytics and process design. Charged with identifying emerging technologies, trends and disrupting traditional ways of thinking, we always start with the customer and work backwards to better understand and develop the right solution for our clients.

This first event, set in our state-of-the-art collaboration suite, The Studio, provided an interactive space for clients to experience our latest demonstrations and prototypes in a relaxed and informal environment.

Here's just a few of the demonstrations our attendees saw:


Developed by Capita, this is real-time social media analysis, with a customer service focus. An interactive dashboard which analyses customer conversations using text and sentiment analysis and overlaid across the customer journey.  

We showed clients what their customers were talking about live, as it happened. Through text and sentiment analysis we're able to reveal which steps of the customer journey were driving the conversation and illustrated the associated sentiment of the conversations.  

From here we can drill down to understand the specific conversation topics and down again to unveil the full context of the conversation at its most granular level. 

One element that people love to view is the 'Franken-Process'. Here clients saw how they compared to their competitors in a league table ranking and also which brands performed best at each individual step of the customer journey. From here it’s possible to construct the best customer journey by taking the best parts from each of the different companies, hence the name. 

Voice to Action:

Real-time speech analytics utilising topic classification and sentiment scoring. As the customer conversation is analysed, automated actions and prompts are presented to the agent to maximise call quality and reduce agent effort.

The ability to reduce the amount of tasks an agent must complete, both during and post-call, really stood out for our clients during demonstrations.

Because the whole conversation is analysed and transcribed, it removes any ambiguity from agent notes recorded in the CRM and provides the opportunity to positively influence every call and create the best outcome for the customer.


Our live demonstration of Capita’s Customer Service Amazon Alexa skill is always very popular. Skills are basically apps, which enable Alexa to connect to hardware and software to perform certain tasks. Our skill navigates the customer through the IVR (interactive voice response), using voice, and connects your call directly to the department you need.

By speaking naturally to your Amazon Echo device, it provides information about call queue position and estimated wait time, allowing the customer to decide if they want to proceed or call back later. Either way, Alexa can connect your call directly or provide you with the direct telephone number for the department you need.

Our skill is live now, just search 'Customer Service' through your Alexa app.

Advanced analytics:

We think the best way to demonstrate our analytics capability is by taking clients through real case studies with tangible outcomes.

We’ve had fantastic success from using our multi-dimensional analytics platform to support our operational teams to excel in contact centre reporting metrics, CSAT, AHT and SIM. By identifying the specific individual conditions required for success, the operational teams can confidently implement improvement initiatives to meet pre-determined targets.

Establishing how we work from an initial problem statement, through to data enrichment and analysis to reach an outcome, helps bring the journey to life, so our clients can easily understand the real benefits available to them.