On 3 April 2023, Capita plc (“Capita”) announced that it had experienced a cyber incident which primarily impacted access to internal Microsoft Office 365 applications.

Since the incident, Capita and its technical partners have restored Capita colleagues’ access to Microsoft Office 365. The majority of Capita’s client services were not impacted by the incident and remained in operation, and Capita has now restored virtually all client services that were impacted.

In parallel with the services restoration activity, Capita has continued to work closely and at speed with specialist advisers and forensic experts in investigating the incident to provide assurance around any potential customer, supplier or colleague data exfiltration.

From our investigations to date, it appears that the incident arose following initial unauthorised access on or around 22 March and was interrupted by Capita on 31 March. As a result of the interruption, the incident was significantly restricted, potentially affecting around 4% of Capita’s server estate. There is currently some evidence of limited data exfiltration from the small proportion of affected server estate which might include customer, supplier or colleague data.

Capita continues to work through its forensic investigations and will inform any customers, suppliers or colleagues that are impacted in a timely manner.

Capita continues to comply with all relevant regulatory obligations.

For more information, please contact:

Investor enquiries
Helen Parris
Director of Investor Relations
Email: IRteam@capita.co.uk

Media enquiries
Capita external communications
Tel: 0207 654 2399
Email: media@capita.co.uk

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