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The sun came out just in time for day one of the TED Summit in Edinburgh as we were treated to a morning of amazing talks from the TED Fellows.

These included Laura Boykin’s ground-breaking Tree Lab initiative, which, despite the sceptics, has managed to improve food security in East Africa by deploying a mobile genomics tool-kit to support growth of the all-important cassava crop.

Another memorable experience was Suzanna Lee’s mind-blowing work in bio-fabrication, where she’s looking at how to replace man-made materials such as plastics and bricks with materials grown through biological additive manufacturing processes. Over $1 billion has been invested by VCs in what looks like it could be the start of a materials revolution (architectural bark or mushroom ‘leather’ anyone?).

We were treated to a working lunch with Margaret Heffernan , exploring the challenges of change and why she believes the elephant in the room when dealing with major change programmes is the sacrifice required by employees, and how to manage this.

Radio Science Orchestra performing at the TED Summit in Edinburgh

Finally we wrapped up a jam-packed day with a focus on climate change, as Tshering Tobgay,Tim Flannery and Kelly Wanser delivered passionate talks exploring the challenges and potential solutions to one of the biggest societal challenges we face.

A truly inspirational first day exploring ideas that matter, and already looking forward to our sell-out day two Capita workshop ‘Living in Beta – Sparking Curiosity’!

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