As the Ministry of Defence continues to transform its operational capabilities (as laid out in the recent Integrated Review and subsequent Defence Command Paper), an undeniable and integral component of its transformation relies upon sourcing and implementing a range of appropriate digital solutions.

Additionally, the MoD’s transformational success depends upon what it can learn, replicate and transfer from the wider public and of course private sectors, and the ability of digital solutions to bridge the all-too-often extensive gaps between current technology systems and infrastructure estates.

As stated by Richard Holroyd following the Command Paper release, Capita is extremely well placed to simplify the digital transformation journey that the MoD must take in order to meet its future obligations and challenges, both at pace and with the levels of agility and flexibility required.

Every day, Capita provides its broad range of digital consultancy and delivery capabilities to our public and private sector customers, which of course includes the MoD and the wider defence space. We have not only developed world-class heritage in government delivery, but have fostered a corporate learning culture wherein our expert teams share best-in-class practices, learnings and outcomes from our multi-sector operations, ensuring our clients reap the benefits of multiple better outcomes, including:

  • Improved customer experience: understanding the customer journey and focusing on the key touch points where digital technologies can enhance those interactions
  • Agile workforce: having a well-equipped workforce with the inherent capability to respond to change at pace and realise the benefits of digital investments
  • Operational Excellence: provision of a cohesive and integrated data platform that informs rapid decision making in operational theatres
  • Resilience: digital solutions that provide the appropriate data to the right person at the right time in a secure manner
  • Reputation Protection: building and enhancing the UK MoD’s reputation as a global player protecting the UK’s interests across the globe
  • Cost Savings: affordable solutions that demonstrate value for money to the UK stakeholders


Through many years of partnering with the MoD and other government departments, Capita has developed a five-stage approach to simplifying digital transformation journeys in the public sector:

1. Advise – We focus on truly knowing and understanding client organisations, their unique challenges, and the specific outcomes they need to achieve. Only then can we shape a bespoke and target-aligned digital transformation journey.

2. Enable - We utilise our unique ability to integrate complex IT solutions, and integrate legacy and latest technologies when required to build seamless, hyperconnected experiences that simplify connections and bring people closer.

3. Support – Our pre-emptive hybrid cloud-based managed services guarantee incidents and changes are resolved and implemented more quickly, and events are responded to proactively.

4. Evolve – At Capita, innovation comes as standard. We continually add value by bringing relevant emerging technologies to our client’s door throughout the lifecycle of the agreement.

5. Create better outcomes – all of this results in:

  • Improved customer experiences
  • Operational excellence
  • Secure and compliant service delivery
  • Resilience and reputation protection
  • Agile, productive workforce
  • Cost savings and efficiencies

The Defence sector will always need to deliver mission-critical back office services on which frontline personnel can rely upon in order to get the job done. The MoD’s and wider sector’s future needs, as laid out in the recent Command Paper, are clear. Capita will continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the MoD as a proven and trusted technology partner that enables it to deliver, operate and evolve successfully and securely for the benefit of every citizen in the UK.


Written by

Tony Garrity

Tony Garrity

Account Director – Defence Sector. Capita Technology Solutions

Tony Garrity has over 25 years’ experience of working in partnership at a senior level with public and private sector organisations delivering world class managed service and digital solutions which allow partner organisations to focus on their core business activities working alongside a trusted technology partner. A key element of those relationships is to bring value added digital solutions that support the delivery of the partner organisation’s strategic outcomes.

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