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The debate about how to best serve customers is often misguided. We obsess over which modality is best, or the merits of a new text channel. But the real issue is quite different: ‘What’s it going to take to scale self-service?’ is today’s priority.

If we didn’t know before, lockdown reconfirmed the need to reserve live assistance for the emotive, complex, and urgent. The conundrum is that we shouldn’t expect customers to wait and nor should we subject the precious resource of front-line teams to trivial conversations. Hence why turning this into reality hasn’t been easy – firstly we need to simplify customer journeys, and secondly ensure the right foundation training and ongoing coaching so that two-way conversations, whether human or not, are successful so that customers don’t tune out. 

Avatars are becoming increasingly important as a response to this need and are now an integral part of customer self-service, allowing organisations to successfully scale in a constantly turbulent environment. 

In this informative video series, our expert panel explores the psychology and use cases that make avatars an exciting new phase in the self-service roadmap.

Watch our six-part video series on the rise of the customer avatar

Part 1: From robots to reality – bringing to life the avatar of today

Learn how the technology works and the technical breakthroughs that now make them ready for general deployment in organisations looking to encourage self-serve.

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Part 2: How avatars are increasing customer engagement

We discuss how avatars offer immediate emotive connection by animated presence before anything is even said, reinforced with synchronised facial and body movement.

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Part 3: How receptive will customers be to avatars based on previous experience?

Most of us see avatars on an everyday basis. So how do we build on that existing momentum to deliver better customer service?

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Part 4: Recognising and responding to emotional and functional customer needs

Anticipating faster and broader adoption of the customer service avatar, this session explores the opportunities for organisations through early use cases.

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Part 5: Creating powerful brand conversations and memorable experiences

As the physical increasingly meets the digital world, this session explores how this technology can deliver consistent end-to-end digital experiences and brand advocacy.

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Part 6: From single avatars to inhabiting a multiverse

In this final session we discuss one of digital spaces that avatars will inhabit the metaverse an evolutionary step in the journey we are all taking into digitising how we live and work.

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