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We know exceptional customer experiences lie at the heart of every successful organisation, which is why we focus on making every interaction a positive one. 

We make sure we understand your needs and priorities before designing and building intuitive, empathetic customer journeys, transforming experiences with unparalled expertise. In delivering those omni-channel services, we empower great people with innovative technology to make it easier for agents not just to listen, but to really hear what’s going on, to show they care and to make a difference when it really matters.

Above all, we spot the small opportunities that make the greatest difference, using data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to refine processes and predict behaviour so you can get closer and truly connect with your customers. 

Key statistics


➥ Personalised customer experience score for our client, Southern Water


➥ Reduction in complaints for Southern Water since 2015

50 points

➥ How much we increased the overall NPS score for one of our life and pensions clients

6 weeks

➥ How quickly we stood up a 100% remote contact centre in 2020, with 1,200 agents

Leading the future of customer experience (CX) with Ipsos

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How we transform customer experience


Consulting to understand your business aims

We start with a consultative diagnostic to understand your business and goals, whether to reduce cost-to-serve, increase productivity and growth, or to improve your NPS score and customer retention.

Our experience experts and Lean Six Sigma practitioners identify areas for improvement with future-focused, industry-specific proposals, mapped to critical ‘life moments’ for personalised, meaningful customer experiences. These focus on human-centred design, leadership culture change and team training to ensure sustainable change.


Designing customer journeys to support your goals

We design and create strategic end-to-end journey transformation across all channels, applying our range of services and expertise to build, evaluate and continuously improve operating models.

We introduce technologies such as AI, real-time speech and automation to improve services and efficiency. We transform and optimise digital touchpoints such as apps and websites, maximising sales, data capture and engagement. We also offer cyber security expertise to manage data, preventing theft and regulatory fines.


Transforming experiences with talent and innovation

We combine talented, dedicated people with the latest technology, collaborating with our innovative strategic partners to provide intuitive, agile solutions which adapt to evolving business needs.

Using data and insight to ensure better outcomes, we deliver those digital experiences and operational enhancements. We anticipate and plan for the future with a tailored, agile approach, whether we’re training your people to provide a better service or delivering this via our expert agents as an outsourced model.

Our services - how we transform customer experience

    You need to know how your customers will interact with you when they join, use, leave, renew or complain about you.

    Using data, analytics and qualitative research across the entire customer journey and channels, we develop new and improved customer journeys to deliver tangible benefits to you and your customers.

    Our customer-centred service design ensures both customer needs and business requirements are at the core of the journey - along with the feedback we’ve gathered, so that improvements become thoroughly embedded in your day-to-day activities.

    You can then take a more proactive approach to improving the journey whether for customer retention or mitigating complaints. Fully understanding a customer’s behaviour and journey over the entire lifecycle means your automation tools and agents will be best informed to provide ‘next best action’ to your customers – improving their experience and loyalty, while improving your NPS and reducing the cost to serve.

    We're known for designing outstanding customer journeys but the value we can add by analysing your customer behaviours and maximising its benefit to the business goes far deeper..

    Using data profiling, we consider the journey holistically: effort and emotion are crucial in our analytic approach. Capturing these exposes not only the ‘instances of anxiety’ for your customers (the stages in their journey that require extra work from them), but also the moments that create genuine satisfaction and delight, and enhance their view of your brand, products and services.

    By personalising the journey, we help your customers feel they’re receiving more personalised offers or services, which creates a richer experience and deeper brand loyalty. An added benefit is an increase in your revenue, as up-selling and cross-selling opportunities are more easily identified.

    For clients such as M&S, this degree of deep insight has meant boosting Agent Net Promoter Scores by 18% and reducing the Contact to Order ratio by more than 30%. For O2, personalisation has helped retain those customers who were ‘likely to churn’ and increase the upsell revenue by more than 40%.

    We handle more than 100 million conversations and interactions every year, which creates a mass of useful data: direct feedback from customers, indirect feedback through social media posts, or inferred data through customer contact patterns. But it’s our expert insight that really makes the difference.

    Our range of advanced analytical techniques and software – including speech-, real-time social media data-, text- and value stream analytics with data science - enables us to draw on data from three different perspectives – customer contacts, account information and internal business data. That '3D' picture means we build up a richer functional picture of your business operations and customer needs, including, for example, the costs of serving a particular group of customers.

    Our insight comes from multiple customer touchpoints, channels and platforms interactions. And our specialist software can provide real time analytics from social media to voice channels. We help you use this data to understand customer behaviours, pain points, trends and preferences to create actionable and focused improvements, including by product or service, that will deliver the most benefit.  We then design customer-centric processes which ensure we always meet customer expectations at each touchpoint.

    We primarily focus on:

    • removing customer effort (cognitive, time, physical and emotional) from their overall journey, making it easy for them to do business with you
    • eliminating failure demand, which removes unnecessary contacts and customer pain points
    • identifying opportunities to wow your customers and create real competitive differentiation for your brand.

    We can also use data to improve your back office reporting: we helped a general insurance client analyse the debt accrued from poor quality case management and reduce it from £50m to under £3m. This resulted in annual savings of £600k.

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    We’re experts at helping you to respond to rising consumer expectations, as well as supporting you to help achieve net zero targets.

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    With intelligent services including those regulated by OFCOM, we help telecoms and media organisations drive growth, retain customers and challenge the industry with new innovations.


    Retail banking

    With expert agents, services which include those regulated by the FCA, and intelligent technologies, we help banks and building societies to drive growth.

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    We help you keep up with constant developments in the insurance and pensions industry whilst protecting your company’s interests.

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