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The motor industry is facing a perfect storm of difficulties: lower consumer spending power; drivers rethinking how they use their cars and even whether they need a car at all; an increase of available data; the growing popularity of diverse fuel options – all of this has created greater volatility within the market.

How can financial providers ensure they turn the current volatility into an opportunity to grow and further establish themselves in the motor finance market? Watch the insightful videos below which explain how.
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Videos: Capitalising on volatility in the motor finance market

What from the white paper was inspiring or notable?

Aps Ajit, Financial Services Managing Director, Capita Experience, discusses the challenges facing the motor finance industry with industry experts Finativ

Embrace the modern consumer’s desire for flexibility and control

How could providers of motor products do more to enhance the customer’s experience? And why is transparency so important?

Leverage scale and brand value to become the consumers mobility solution provider

Peter Cottle, Consulting Director, Finativ, explains the logistical challenges of mobility products and how these can be met.

Harness data and become indispensable for connectivity in drivers’ everyday lives

Simon Harris, Consulting Director, Finativ, discusses the benefits of monetising drivers’ data, including being able to personalise and optimise products

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