Hearing that we had achieved 98% overall satisfaction was probably the first time in my professional career where I have had an emotional response. Not for me, but for the people who put their heart into the contract.

In the 2021 Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) for the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN), an outstandingly positive 98% of public sector respondents expressed their satisfaction with the network compared to 94% in 2020, confirming the stability and strength of one of Scotland’s largest public sector technology programmes.

This success has been enabled by the passion, professionalism and enduring commitment of the hard-working team, all of whom have pushed forward on providing an unrivalled service during challenging times. I cannot let this milestone pass without special recognition for them on this accomplishment. Led with thoughtful analysis, active engagement with customers, meaningful progress, and an openness to identify future service improvement opportunities, it really is thrilling to have outperformed on last year.

The independent survey reveals that 100% of respondents confirmed their experience of working with SWAN has been beneficial to their organisation (up from 94% in 2020). Furthermore, 98% stated they are satisfied that the service meets the needs of the SWAN community compared to 96% in 2020. Additionally, 100% were satisfied with the day-to-day delivery of IT services compared to 96% in 2020.

Overall, the figures show that we are valued and trusted by our customers and most importantly we continue to listen and improve. The services we deliver across the network affect the lives of millions of Scottish people every day, and since SWAN’s launch in 2014 we have delivered progressively better connectivity and support to the communities we serve.
While reflecting on these achievements, it is vital that our values continue to drive better outcomes. Connectivity is at the heart of all we do. SWAN provides a solid foundation from which to collaborate, grow and drive our innovative mindset, citizen experiences, and improve sustainability across all aspects of our digital portfolio in the future.

We remain determined to unlock the true potential of the Scottish people by delivering tangible and measurable outputs, serving Scotland’s citizens and public sector; both those already familiar with our services and others who are yet to benefit from SWAN connectivity. Our critical national infrastructure spans the length and breadth of Scotland with 6,000-plus connected sites in the Highlands, Lowlands, islands and cities. We work with over 90 member organisations, including schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacists, and local council offices. Our purpose is clear, we want to lead from the front and continue to provide service excellence to the Scottish public sector.

We realise the importance of quality infrastructure and believe in future-thinking policy and public services that are creatively designed and powered by technology. We understand the demands and expectations of our stakeholders and how these inform the next phase of SWAN: to enable Scotland’s digital potential, where the lives of our people can be continuously improved.

This feedback is testament to a phenomenal team who are purpose-led and focussed on making a difference. Their passion and dedication has influenced who I want to be as a leader, and while this year’s CSAT scores are well worth celebrating, we will be certain to not focus on the numbers more than the people behind them. Capita will move forward with a huge sense of pride, and we will continue to build on our success as a collective.

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Written by


Melony Buchanan

Managing Director (SWAN) Capita Public Service

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