how can critical infrastructure protect the vulnerable post covid-19


Helping to roll out mass Covid-19 testing through expert clinical training

We partnered with the Department of Health and Social Care’s Test and Trace programme to rapidly upskill the public, so that lateral flow asymptomatic testing could be carried out at scale during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Central government

Helping people save for retirement for a more financially secure society

Since 2011, Capita has partnered with The Pensions Regulator to deliver automatic enrolment, employing 150 staff and operating a multi-channel customer contact centre to deliver direct communications to every employer in the UK. As a result, saving for a pension has become the norm, with 22.9 million people now saving into a workplace pension.


Central government

Helping small businesses to export and grow overseas through digital fund disbursement

As the International Fund Administrator (IFA), we’re helping small businesses to build capability to internationalise by digitally enabling the disbursement of £38m in co-investment to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).


Central government

Improving food safety research and building a sustainable business

Our joint venture with Defra is increasing revenues and building new products and services


Financial and banking

Using actuarial services for simpler, more accurate pensions payments

Pensions can be complicated and there are many terms and conditions that customers and colleagues at pension providers need to get their heads around.

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Future of experience

Simplify, strengthen, succeed: how our approach creates better outcomes

The world is changing, faster and perhaps more fundamentally than anyone could have imagined less than 12 short months ago.

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Supporting the Data Communications Company with digitally transforming Britain’s energy system

Since 2013, the Data Communications Company (DCC), one of our subsidiaries within the Capita group, has been licensed by the UK government to build and manage the central network for smart metering across Britain.

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Customer experience

Providing 24/7 access to urgent help for citizens in Enfield

When Enfield Council were looking to improve the effectiveness of their emergency out of hours service, they turned to the Ealing Council and Capita out of hours partnership service.

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Financial and banking

Rescuing a costly migration for a health client through expert actuarial services

When a health client started the migration of their complex payments systems, they began to see discrepancies of £6m a month.



Painting a picture of community progress

A community’s bright future has been celebrated by two colourful murals commissioned by North Shields charity Meadow Well Connected and sponsored by Capita.

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Customer experience

Reducing procurement red tape with the out of hours partnership

Despite the best efforts of local authorities to prevent them, emergency situations are part of life.



Ensuring NHS buildings remain safe and compliant through expert surveyor services

Many public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, are maintained by private companies through private finance initiative (PFI) contracts.

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Customer experience

Making sure that true emergency callers get priority with an intelligent out of hours service

Our expert out-of-hours team ensures emergency callers to London Borough of Barnet Council, including the most vulnerable citizens, get quick and reliable help, no matter when they need it.

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Our work

Helping emergency callers when they need it most with expert out-of-hours support

Our expert emergency call agents make sure that out-of-hours callers to Barking and Dagenham council, including the most vulnerable citizens, get quick and reliable help, no matter when they need it.

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Minimising local government backlogs and delays with tailored planning support

We’re helping Folkestone and Hythe District Council to deliver a range of major planning applications, supporting its development management team through the entire planning application process and stepping in to provide additional resources when needed.


Our work

Helping West Berkshire Council to support young people effectively

By providing the full picture of what’s happening in the lives of young people, we’re helping West Berkshire Council to intervene in time and secure more positive outcomes for young people.

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