Customer Service

Our work

Delivering improved 24/7 emergency support to citizens through shared services

Capita’s out of hours call handling services is making sure council residents receive the right help, quickly and efficiently, at any time of the day or night.

Customer service rep

Our work

Supporting residents with faster housing benefit processing times

We helped the London Borough of Bexley achieve its fastest ever processing time of housing benefit claims and changes of circumstances.

Trafford, UK

Our work

Supporting regeneration for the people and the place of Trafford through planning expertise

We’ve helped Trafford Council with a major and complex planning application which will see more jobs created for residents, as well as an improvement to their local area.

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Our work

Supporting the launch and operation of the world’s largest Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

Since launch in April, ULEZ has reduced NO2 emissions in London by 20%, protecting Londoners from harmful levels of pollution.

Gas boiler engineer

Our work

Keeping UK homes and businesses gas safe since 2009

Back in 2007, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) conducted a review of the domestic gas safety regime and identified a case for change.

College students

Our work

Getting vulnerable young people, the education and skills funding they need

We’re reducing processing times for student bursary applications from an average of 23 to 3 days


Our work


CENTURY is an award-winning teaching and learning platform for schools that improves student outcomes and empowers educators to work smarter not harder.


Our work

Bringing affordable insurance to homes at risk of flooding

An innovative solution to improve the availability and affordability of flood insurance, likely to benefit 350,000 households.

Financial Management

Our work

Human to hybrid

Many business leaders see the 'human to hybrid' transition as their most important strategic challenge in the next five years.

Contact centre locations

Our work

Connecting our clients to the latest customer service technology at our Innovation open days

Our customer service innovation team is solving industry-specific problems through technology, analytics and process design.

UK city

Our work

Supporting Britain’s move to a lower carbon economy by digitising energy

Installing up to 27 smart meters a minute across the country, allowing homes and small businesses to monitor energy consumption.

Employees using tech

Our work

Preventing fraud with our award-winning software

Our fraud detection software is allowing Go-Ahead drive to tackle fraudulent activity.

Call centre rep

Our work

Delivering round the clock homelessness support through our out of hours service

We're helping Rossendale Borough Council to ensure citizens are getting the help they need, whatever the time.


Our work

Improving the pace of housing improvements for the people and place of Warrington

We’ve helped Warrington Borough Council to process householder planning applications for their residents.


Our work

Helping to keep London moving

Working on behalf, and with, Transport for London, we manage the London Congestion Charging scheme.

Emergency Services

Our work

Saving lives with live streaming

We're helping the US emergency services to save lives by giving them a clear view of any accident scene.

Insight-Achieving agility in financial services through putting the customer first

Our work

Dealing with huge legislation change by putting the customer first

When huge changes to UK pension rules came into force, it was going to affect over 220,000 of Zurich's customers.

Keeping customers happy at your busiest times

Our work

Keeping customers happy at your busiest times with smart planning

With our flexible, expert customer service teams, we're supporting William Hill during the sporting calendar’s biggest events.

Helping the school day run smoothly with smart data management

Our work

Helping the school day run smoothly with smart data

Organisations run better when everyone has a clear and complete picture of what's happening.

Windsor, UK

Our work

Helping to improve Windsor Castle’s visitor experience through delivering planning resilience excellence

We have been working alongside Windsor and Maidenhead Council to help maintain the high standards of planning service excellence for the community and visitors to the borough.

Delivering a smart, connected Scotland

Our work

Delivering a smart, connected Scotland

With SWAN, we’re delivering one of the most ambitious and significant single public sector ICT initiatives ever carried out in Scotland.

Customer using tablet

Our work

Supporting clients in a crisis with expert complaint handling

When there's a problem, getting the right help and support to our customers is a priority.

Building surveyor

Our work

Delivering building control excellence for the people and place of Luton

Helping to keep buildings safe and compliant across Luton through providing building control resilience.

How we helped a council to help children and families

Our work

Supporting children and families through a simpler one stop service

We're bringing together all the information from different teams across children’s services into one place.

Inclusive workplaces

Our work

Improving the claimant experience for vulnerable people in society

We’re reducing travel time and distance for many claimants, making it easier for vulnerable citizens to access this service.

Customer using phone

Our work

Boosting customer experience by digging even deeper into data

We're helping our client to identify – and resolve – 'hidden' issues that are affecting their customers.

How we’re helping Salford City Council create a better and fairer Salford

Our work

Helping a city's regeneration through a pioneering partnership

Our joint venture is supporting Salford City Council in its commitment to citizens of 'a better and fairer Salford for all'.

How we helped O2 achieve an industry first

Our work

Transforming customer service through Visual IVR

We're helping O2 to improve and join up the self-service experience for their customers through an award-winning Visual IVR service.

How Capita and ŠKODA are bringing a live car showroom directly to your living room

Our work

Boosting customer engagement by live streaming the showroom

We're helping ŠKODA to get in front of their customers, wherever they are, by streaming the car showroom to their devices.

Business meeting

Our work

Helping the residents of Chorley to expand their homes

We’ve been working with Chorley Council to help residents get their householder planning applications processed as efficiently as possible.