Cashplus is a leading UK digital banking partner for small businesses and consumers, offering faster, smarter, simpler current accounts. Founded in 2005, they launched the UK's first general purpose pre-paid card, enabling over 1.6 million customers to pay, store and borrow money easily through their user-friendly digital platform. Due to its success and demand for cards, Cashplus experienced an increase in credit card statements in 2014 and sought a print provider to help them. 

We were approached to provide the print and despatch of their statements and have been successfully working in partnership ever since, allowing Cashplus to deliver their services in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The solution

In 2014, Cashplus needed a service provider that could manage the print and despatch of its credit card statements to ensure a consistent and personalised customer experience was delivered.

They had an incumbent print provider in place, but they were only able to manage small to moderate volumes. Cashplus needed a print provider that could accommodate large volume production at a reasonable price.

We worked closely with Cashplus to develop a solution that would enable credit card statements to be despatched at pre-defined intervals during every month. Utilising our solution architect and development industry experts, we were able to design and build templates for the client’s customer correspondence and data mapping rules to aid the production of statements.

As a result, we receive data from Cashplus six times a month and securely print through our state-of-the-art white paper solution. All components of the mail pack are produced on reels of paper removing the need for pre-printed stock - including the outer envelope. All items are printed, inserted, sealed and mailed on site thereby minimising the risk of a breach of security.

Additionally, we produce a digital PDF file for every statement produced, which is returned to Cashplus securely for ingestion into their systems and can be fully accessed for audit purposes.

Benefits of our service to Cashplus
  • Streamlined and efficient production workflow - robust production workflows to facilitate the most efficient print production, minimising machine sets-up and document changeover.
  • Increased speed and reduced cost of change - using document composition and proofing solutions, changes can be made quickly and effectively, with no need to print stationery or envelopes after sign-off.
  • Accuracy and reconciliation - camera integrity checks provide proof of manufacture and quality assurance, ensuring 100% reconciliation and adherence to service levels.
  • Reduced raw materials usage - overstocks are not required since we only print what is required.
Improving outcomes for Cashplus
  • Print and mail fulfilment with full traceability of each pack through intelligent barcoding of all statutory documents.
  • Mailing consolidation to ensure Cashplus receives the full benefit of our preferential postal rates.
  • 100% of statements are printed and despatched within agreed service levels.
  • Templates and process are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure the services provided meet Cashplus’ changing requirements.




➥ 1.2 million images generated

➥ 636,000 packs despatched

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