As citizens of the 21st century, technological change is rapidly becoming a deep cultural norm for us all.

We’re seeing technology transform everything from the way we perform the most menial tasks, to the way we communicate across the globe – and with the pace of change only set to increase, it’s important that as business leaders, we’re ready to meet it.

We’re well aware that the future viability of organisations increasingly relies upon their ability to rapidly and effectively manage the transition from traditional ways of working, to a fully tech-enabled future state. Yet much of the discourse in this area continues to focus on digital infrastructure and wider technological capability.

Both are, of course, important, but the singular truth remains that no matter how much we invest in technology, it is our people that represent the beating heart of our organisations. And our people will be the difference.

Too many organisations appear to be overlooking their people. Technology is undoubtedly an important part of future workforce planning but the transition to a hybrid workforce requires a ‘people-first’ strategy, one that establishes the skills, agility and learning culture an organisation and its workforce will need to be successful.

This paper explores the attitudes of UK workers as they are confronted with the future world of work. We reveal their current levels of understanding of these new workforce dynamics, and their expectations of, aspirations for and concerns about the widescale introduction of AI and automation into the workplace.

Most importantly, we identify their wants, needs and drivers as they embark on their own personal journeys to becoming part of a hybrid workforce.

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“Our research to date tells us that the shift to a hybrid workforce (where humans work in a fully digitised environment alongside AI and automation) is now the most pressing challenge for UK organisations.” Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer at Capita

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