With the government commitment to reach net zero by 2050, and the pandemic highlighting how lifestyle changes can make a real difference, more and more of us are looking to minimise our impact on the environment – consumers and organisations alike.

For utilities customers, there’s a shift in expectations in how they interact with providers, offering an opportunity for companies to influence behaviour by developing seamless digital experiences which give choices in how consumers use energy, and which enable consumers to take control of their demand and supply.

We’ve developed a mini-series of podcasts which bring together industry experts to share their views on the changing landscape for utilities and examine how the sector can meet the needs of the next generation of consumers whilst supporting the UK’s net zero ambition.

Delivering Great Britain’s smart metering network

In this 15-minute podcast, expert guests Angus Flett, CEO of Smart DCC – who deliver Great Britain’s smart metering network – and Chris Cartwright, Head of Critical infrastructure at Capita Consulting focus on the relationship between critical infrastructure, energy and the aim to get to net zero.

This podcast shares insights on:

  • the role of data in decarbonising and changing consumer behaviour
  • the interdependency of the energy industry with other sectors, such as transport
  • the trends we’re seeing in energy use
  • the role of the pandemic in accelerating digitisation
  • what else needs to change, in addition to adopting smart meters, to transform our relationship with energy

How can the utilities industry meet the changing needs of next-gen customers?

As consumers, we’re becoming better educated about the need to decarbonise. In this podcast, Rupal Patel, Account Leader of Capita’s Critical Infrastructure team, and Chris Cartwright, Head of Critical infrastructure at Capita Consulting, discuss the impact of Covid-19, and the aim to reach net zero, on today’s utilities consumers.

How can the utilities industry meet the changing needs of next-gen customers?

  • the rapid evolution of products and services relevant to the energy sector such as electric cars, bikes and scooters, and solar panels
  • the impact of the pandemic in making people sit up and pay attention to climate change
  • the shift in utilities consumer expectations as a result of their digital experiences in banking, retail and health
  • the top four factors influencing the behaviour of the next-generation consumer



Chris Cartwright
Head of Critical infrastructure


Rupal Patel
Head of Energy Supply


Angus Flett
CEO of Smart DCC

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