Our exclusive research has uncovered six new personas, and in this report we examine each, using both traditional socio-demographic data with new behavioural, channel and attitudinal data from our recent banking research.

Hopefully you’ll have read our recent thought-provoking whitepaper, Rethinking banking. The report was written following detailed analysis of trends arising from the research we recently conducted with 2,000 bank and building society customers.

Our goal was a simple one: to gain a detailed understanding of consumers’ attitudes and behaviours towards their bank or building society, at a time of rapid evolution; to gain an understanding of where and how they bank, today’s drivers of trust (and reasons for switching) and customers’ views on banks’ ethical and sustainable practices; as well as understanding their appetite for digital propositions.

While working with the outputs from the research, our data scientists identified six new customer banking clusters – or personas. In the light of wholesale industry change, understanding them will help decision-makers in our specialist sector to create more accurate (and innovative) customer solutions, spanning product, channel, service and customer experience. 

Those six personas are:

  • the switchers
  • the disconnected
  • the progressive
  • the personal
  • the valued
  • the enriched.


In the second part of this report, we’ve directly compared how the six new personas differ – and see eye-to-eye – on key topics. Together, they also provide a valuable picture of the direction of travel we all need to adapt to while rethinking banking.


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