In a changing climate, the threat of extreme weather events such as droughts is a growing concern that requires robust solutions. So as the UK’s water resources are increasingly strained, utilities are under tough regulatory pressure to improve water efficiency.

Leakage is a top priority when it comes to reducing water wastage, which often calls for significant asset investment and the delivery of complex infrastructure projects. But how is the sector balancing this with the transition to net zero and a need for less carbon-intensive solutions to the water-efficiency conundrum? And what role should customers play in the mission to reduce water waste?
Our report, produced in partnership with Utility Week, examines whether the sector is getting the balance right as it tackles leakage and consumption. How are water companies prioritising investment in critical assets while also driving down the amount of water used by customers?
The report also explores how utilities are using technology and data to both support decision making and boost customer engagement.

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