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At Capita, we’re experts at helping organisations to empower their customers. We’re also championing the transformation of the utilities industry, enabling a culture of energy creation and saving water. We consider what lies ahead for organisations as they respond to rising consumer expectations and the need to significantly reduce emissions to achieve net zero.

Simplifying lives of Southern Water customers

This case study looks at how we’re working in partnership with Southern Water to simplify and transform customer experience, so that their customers are happier and empowered to self-serve online.

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NEW: Readiness for Net Zero persona report

We carried out extensive consumer research to understand attitudes and behaviours around net zero. See our insightful report with detailed profiles of each consumer persona.

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Road to net zero - our new Capita utilities report

We conducted research among 3,000 UK adults to understand how far consumers are along the road to net zero, the barriers to change and the role of consumer sentiment.

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Helping a large water company with customer experience and collections

Water provider Severn Trent turned to us to help enhance the quality of experience its customers were receiving. Find out how we helped improve customer satisfaction.

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Know your customers better to help reduce their carbon footprint. Try our net zero persona tool.

We carried out extensive research with 3,000 consumers, segmenting that data to define 8 personas, each with their own distinct circumstances, values, beliefs and barriers towards achieving net zero.

The result is an insightful report and interactive tool which enables you to put yourself in the shoes of your customers to learn about their needs and motivations.

Know your customers better to help reduce their carbon footprint

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We’re working in partnership with the utilities sector to create a sustainable future through data-led insight and innovation, transforming new consumer demands into opportunities to grow.

Find out how we are designing the new services that consumers will need by training your people and harnessing your data and technology to deliver them.

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