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The utilities industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in over a century. Market reform, increased regulation, aging infrastructure and the need to address decarbonisation are all pressing challenges. Customers are expecting higher and higher levels of service – and it's easier than ever before to go elsewhere to get that.

We’re helping the UK government drive energy efficiency, fair competition and improved tariffs for consumers, by designing technology and operations to unify the smart meter network in the UK.

We’re helping our clients find new ways to grow and improve in a fast-changing industry. Our customer service knowhow is allowing them to create first-class consumer experiences, countering competition from start-up operators.

Our forward-thinking infrastructure solutions mean companies can embrace new technologies and renewable sources of energy, allowing them to meet government demands for decarbonisation. While our analytics tools are increasing efficiency and saving money, creating better preventive maintenance procedures and reducing leakage for water companies.


Supporting the Water Industry through COVID-19

Supporting our customers

In response to the ever-increasing customer calls during this unprecedented time, we have designed an automated artificial intelligence (AI) messaging service for WhatsApp and SMS, in partnership with Live Person. 


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Supporting your field force

In response to Government guidelines, Water Companies are restricting customer interactions unless absolutely necessary. This, combined with greater numbers of staff remote working, means that Companies are likely to be operating with a significantly reduced workforce.

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Using AI to power electricity networks

Power network
UK city

Our work

Supporting Britain’s move to a lower carbon economy by digitising energy

Installing up to 27 smart meters a minute across the country, allowing homes and small businesses to monitor energy consumption.

A truly modern network needs new ways to monitor and predict the hourly ebbs and flows of demand.

It needs to be able to see the real-time effects of time-of-use tariffs, which encourage customers to use more energy during off peak periods. And it needs to know what the effects of changes in the weather will be, particularly as our climate becomes less predictable.

Capita is committed to finding solutions to these challenges and our recent study examined several techniques that could help manage and forecast power supply and demand. Three systems were particularly promising:

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IT infrastructure

Providing critical infrastructure support through trusted solutions. Our infrastructure services are keeping organisations ahead of the pace in today’s ever-changing IT landscape.

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Property and infrastructure

Capita is a leading force in the construction of the UK’s roads, rail networks and buildings. We’re guiding numerous vital projects from the design and planning-permission stages through to completion.

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Workforce management

We know that people are your most important asset. That's why we've created a range of HR management tools to help you organise your workforce efficiently. From manufacturing firms to the emergency services, we've got a solution for your organisation.

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