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Social landlords need to ensure their contractors are compliant with legislation relevant to their specific work activity. When repairs and maintenance activities are managed effectively, not only can social landlords maximise resources but, crucially, residents are kept safe and receive a better customer experience.

Our cloud-based contractor management software is already used to manage over half a million UK homes and schemes. It reduces your administrative burden by providing vital insight, enabling you to effectively monitor and manage your contractors with ease. It streamlines work allocation – whether to internal or third-party contractors – and improves the efficiency of maintenance activities.

With the flexible, powerful tools, you can automate information management and enable external contractors to log in themselves for faster, more accurate works management. The intuitive web interface gives a 360° view, available 24/7, of all work - from repair scheduling and stock control to tenant details – accessible on mobile devices as small as a 10” tablet.

It integrates seamlessly with our housing software suite and complements third party systems for a single, joined-up flow of data. With easy access to information, you’re in a better position to meet legislative and auditing requirements to ensure full compliance. And with great works management resulting in smarter business decisions, you can support your long-term strategy to develop your portfolio for future generations to enjoy.

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➥ trade operatives using our system to gain insight across all aspects of housing

How our contractor management software helps


Simplified, accessible and secure

The easy-to-use interface reduces the need for staff training. Mobile accessibility means staff can access and update information regardless of their location to increase uptime, with our no-compromise security approach ensuring your data - and your residents’ data - is always protected.


A better resident experience

Deliver better and safer homes – including more timely maintenance and repairs - for your residents, keeping them safe and exceeding their expectations. It also helps you to avoid dilapidation and environmental hazards which could otherwise result in costly litigation.


Streamlined stock & services management

Creates a single 360° view of your services, so you can record, plan, evaluate, report, manage, transfer and archive with total integration between materials, labour, supply chain, and stock replenishment without the need for disparate systems, improving data accuracy.


A more productive contractor partnership

By enabling external contractors to view and manage aspects of jobs assigned to them, it’s easier for staff and contractors to deliver within agreed service level agreements. Such collaborative partnerships help you maximise value for money and negotiate smarter when procuring.


Operational and environmental savings

Reduce wasted journeys and your carbon footprint through better planning and resource utilisation which Increase “right first time” repairs. Improves employee efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to proactively measure and optimise performance of maintenance activities.


Management information to support growth

The stores, purchasing, job costing and ‘what if’ scenario planning enables you to model stock condition and expenditure using the latest analytics and dashboards for confident forecasting and financial planning, with the system able to flex as your organisation grows.



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