Connecting legacy and disparate data to improve police productivity and performance

Having easy and secure access to trusted information is crucial for the delivery and advancement of police work. Investigations can become time-consuming and resource-intensive if access becomes constrained by information being stored in multiple formats and disparate systems and documents.

Our police information management services can digitise and centralise all your paper and disparate digital records. By applying relevant controls and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), you can search, access and share large amounts of otherwise inaccessible information within your forces more efficiently and quickly. This means you can spend more time focusing on what matters most – solving crimes and supporting victims.

We’ve supported many public service organisations to connect their legacy and disparate data, including digitising four billion pieces of paper to enable their easy retrieval. We tailor our digital solutions to the needs of your organisation whilst ensuring that you’re always fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and all GDPR requirements.

Key statistics

In numbers: supporting public services to connect their data


55.2 million pages

➥ scanned (circa 350,000 files) for an NHS Trust


12 million medical records

➥ processed for 6,822 GP practices


150 million images

➥ scanned annually for clients


1.2 million images

➥ digitised and securely transferred from 54,000 microfiche jackets

Our latest report

Report on information management in policing: From back-office to business critical

Capita has sponsored an independent thematic report with Policing Insight, ‘From back office to business critical: Why information management should be a core policing function’.

The report meticulously explores the synergy between advanced technology and foundational data handling practices, emphasising the police role in GDPR compliance, improving productivity for police operations and delivering better outcomes for the public.

Police man standing on street.
Our information management solutions

Boosting the operational performance and productivity of police forces

The big data search: helping police forces find records quickly

The time is right for police forces to move to an intelligent, compliant information management system.

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Digitising health records for interoperability

We provided Aintree University Hospital with 24/7 access to fully searchable medical records, enhancing operational efficiency and savings.

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Key benefits

With decades of proven experience, we understand the challenges police forces face with communications and data management. We apply our expertise, tools, and processes to seamlessly connect your data and improve your operational performance:


Instant accessibility

Automated workflows digitise and index files, allowing for rapid access, greater accuracy, and a single view of multiple data sources without the risk of misplaced files.


Full auditability

Management of the lifecycle of documents with a full audit trail from collection, storage to destruction.


Compliant and secure

Documents are stored securely and can only be accessed by authorised staff in line with regulatory, legal and quality requirements, while back-ups make disaster recovery easier.


Reduce the costs associated with storage and managing high-volumes of legacy data and documents by consolidating physical and digital files into one location.

Increase productivity

By centralising and simplifying access to information, officers and staff can focus on their duties rather than having to search through reams of data and information.

Seamless integration

Introducing solutions that seamlessly bridge your existing infrastructures provides immediate impact without significant upfront investment.

Why choose Capita

From data management and storage to digitisation and data capture, our end-to-end information management services ensure your information is always secure in one place.


Trusted partner

We have extensive experience handling large volumes of sensitive and confidential information, as well as delivering complex, compliant and critical communication tasks.

Smart technology

Our AI-based insights and intelligent search can improve your decision-making process and operational performance.


Our technology services are system agnostic, seamlessly integrating with your existing IT infrastructure to deliver scalable and immediate change.

Integrated end-to-end solutions

We’re one of the few organisations in the UK to offer integrated solutions from document dispatch through to receipt.

Video series: police forces and the challenges of information management

How can police forces resolve information management challenges?

We discuss how forces can overcome their information management challenges and how quickly this can be achieved.

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What effect is information management having on police forces?

We consider why forces have to hold records, what effect this has on operations and look at the solutions.

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Meet our experts

Dave Tonks

Dave Tonks

Digital Transformation Consultant, Justice & Policing, Capita

Dave has extensive experience of operational policing, organisational remodelling and digital transformation. Prior to joining Capita, Dave served for 29 years in a wide range policing roles concluding his policing career as the operational lead for Police Scotland’s Digitally Enabled Policing Team with responsibility for designing and delivering their new national information management platform (COS).

Geoff Thompson

Geoff Thompson

Client Relationship Partner – Policing, Capita

Geoff has extensive experience of working in public sector, helping clients address their challenges and developing strong partnerships. Prior to joining Capita, Geoff was an account manager for over 10 years working within a wide range of public sector roles both nationally and including police forces in his native northeast. Geoff is managing the relationship and supplier collaboration for Capita across all UK police forces and brings an outcome led approach to his client base.

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