Make it easier and more efficient to manage transport services

Our suite of transport software solutions helps local authorities deliver their responsibilities effectively, supporting home-to-school travel services, SEND and adult social care transport, to get people to schools, day centres and workplaces.

Designed to streamline the administration of transport arrangements, including vehicle bookings, route optimisation and eligibility checks, our solutions draw on the education data already held in your Capita system, providing quick, easy access to information on children, schools, establishments, drivers and escorts.

The fully-integrated, customisable portal allows parents and carers to apply online for mainstream transport services or SEND specialist travel, and to easily upload supporting evidence. Your team can then easily assess applications against the relevant eligibility criteria, using automation to reduce manual administration. They can also print tickets, make payments and run budget forecasts.

We offer powerful route optimisation tools which provide multiple route scenarios to ensure optimum use of your vehicles, helping you to reduce costs, carbon emissions and the time spent on the bus by your passengers.

Powerful route optimisation tools


Geographic information systems (GIS) route planning

Route and vehicle allocation

SEND vehicle management

Supports you in choosing the most efficient, shortest journey times and helps reduce congestion by making use of all the school gates

Optimises vehicles and routes to reduce costs, fuel, and driver time on the road for the most cost-effective home-to-school transport

Supports local authorities with the provision of transport services to meet the individual requirements of children, young people and adults with special travel needs

Includes quick calculation of home-to-school distances via roads and footpaths

Matches school admissions data with a road and footpath network, showing preferred route scenarios, geo-coded stops and passenger locations

Allocates specialist services to ensure children and adults can travel to school and work safely and comfortably whilst maximising the use of vehicles and routes

Link pupil address information from your Capita education data with this visually represented on maps

Customise with local parameters, such as available vehicles, the maximum walking distance to each stop and maximum journey time

Makes it easy to manage complex transport arrangements and costs

Colour coding allows staff to see at a glance whether a school transport route has extra capacity.

Streamlines transport planning, including bulk updates, freeing staff to focus on contract and tender management, ticket and pass provision and other processes.

Allows transport teams to spend less time planning and administering contracts and more time monitoring the quality of services


Key features

    All the information you need for home-to-school transport, and for transport for adults with particular needs, is in one place, including bulk statutory eligibility checks and the generation of vehicle payments. Staff can save time by setting up the system to print bus passes automatically.

    Parents and carers can apply online for transport services via the user-friendly self-service portal, including uploading photographs and additional evidence. The back-office application and the portal work together so data entered by parents directly updates your system.

    Staff can assess eligibility individually or in bulk, matching information to data already held, such as for SEND, admissions and transfers, early years and more. Once approved, applications can be processed in bulk, automatically informing parents of eligibility outcomes and journey information.

    Training details, drivers’ contracts and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks can be added to the system to help with assigning suitable drivers and escorts to specific routes or children/adults.

    Effectively manage and plan the most optimum routes. Maximising the use of transport spaces reduces costs, carbon emissions and time spent on the bus whilst freeing up your team’s time so you can make the most of staff resources and vehicle use whilst supporting sustainable travel initiatives.

    Customise the portal and back-office system to suit your needs, such as adding and editing questions on the portal, and support more customised planning, such as specifying unsafe roads to omit from routes. You can also add discretionary entitlements to fill any spare capacity on vehicles.

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    Yvette Robinson

    Management Information Manager, Wrexham Borough Council


    We can easily manage contractor contracts and payments, it also simplifies the process for the payment of invoices, freeing officers to concentrate on delivering transport for pupils. We also have greater visibility of all payments helping our authority keep a tight control of our budgets.



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