In this series of conversations, Capita Senior Learning Consultant James Eynon meets with a range of learning and development (L&D) practitioners across industries and sectors to discuss the big questions in learning.

James and his guests explore how we can all learn and grow at work – and provide you with practical tips along the way. In this session he talks about blended learning and how to make it effective.


Episode 1 - The Big Questions: how do we create effective blended learning?

In this episode, James is going back to basics to answer the question: 'what does it take to create & deliver effective blended learning?' To do that, he's joined by Organisational Psychologist & Capita Senior Learning Consultant; Steph Bright, and a passionate purposeful tech advocate & Capita's Head of Learning Experience & Content; Caroline Freeman.

Together, they explore what learning blends practically mean for L&D professionals, whether physical classrooms should be a thing of the past & what 'learning in the flow of work' should really mean.

Plus, there's also time for a quick trip to Learning Room 101, where Steph has got generational differences on the mind, and Caroline does away with the 'Clockwork Orange' of L&D...

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