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Choosing the right learning partner is key to ensuring that learning is always aligned with wider business outcomes, whilst building the right learning culture and behaviours associated with a learning organisation.

We help our clients to develop a learning strategy that creates better outcomes for them and their customers, and to clearly understand the skills and capabilities they will need to stay competitive in the future. We then support them as they deliver against their strategy with a connected ecosystem of compelling content, technology and data. 

We’ve been a leader in learning services for more than a decade. Every year, we enable more than 500,000 people to learn new skills and competencies, and we’re responsible for ensuring value from more than £124m of training spend. We support clients in both the private and the public sector, providing solutions ranging from learning design, delivery and consultancy to fully outsourced managed services.

Webinar: What can organisations do to help their employees to forget faster and therefore learn more quickly?

Key statistics


➥ of employees require re-skilling


➥ of employers want ROI in year one


➥ increase in proactive online learning by employees

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Report: The Great Opportunity

As the journey to recovery unfolds, how have key industries responded to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and embraced change? With the disruption bringing innovation and new possibilities, our quarterly ‘The Great Opportunity’ research explores how organisations are planning for the post-pandemic rebuild. Sign up now to receive your copy of the report and key findings from our quarterly pulse survey.

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We partner with our customers to empower their learning and development to create transformative organisational change

There has never been a bigger ask in learning and development. Organisations are facing unprecedented economic turbulence, changes to the way that people work and live, accelerating adoption of technology, and changing notions of their purpose. And at the same time, savings, efficiency, and “doing more with less” are critical for success. 

The pace of change is increasing, and the most competitive organisations are the ones that learn the fastest. As automation and AI take care of repetitive tasks and crunch data, employees are increasingly required to focus on tasks that need uniquely human abilities such as creativity, emotional intelligence and decision making. They also need to regularly refresh and update their skills so that they can react more agilely to the future needs of the business.  

The successful organisations are those that embrace a culture of learning, in which employees proactively seek out ways to gain new skills. That’s why learning and development needs to play a more strategic role, both to upskill and reskill people to meet the changing needs, and to engender a culture of learning, working more collaboratively with the other areas of the business to demonstrate real impact. 



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