We understand the competitive environment that retailers operate in, and the increasing expectations of the customers they seek to attract and retain. All this against a backdrop of constantly evolving socio-economic factors where agility as a business is key to staying ahead.

Delivered by a line-up of inspirational experts from retail and brand consultancy, academia and commercial industry, we’ve put together four insightful thought leadership videos which consider what the future of retailing holds, from generational consumer change and in-store technology to the impact of the cost of living crisis.

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What is generational consumer change?

Sean Pillot De Chenecy of Brand Positive talks about the state of the nation, how to enter this new world and what brands could dare to be.

Elevating service through technology

Dr. Bethan Alexander of the London College of Fashion shares her findings on how technology is enhancing in-store customer experience.

Humanising retail

Matt Parry and Kate Shepherd of The Future Collective talk about how the adoption of technology is dominating the retail landscape.

The impact of the cost of living crisis

Richard Lim, author of Retail Economics, discusses the cost of living crisis and the impact this is having on consumer decision-making.

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