The videos below each feature a different perspective on the work we’re delivering at Capita to promote safer societies – we look through the lens of our electronic monitoring services, and how the latest technology can benefit both victims and society. We also talk to ex-offenders who have been taking on work placements at Capita, and consider how they can be supported to reach their full potential.

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Making a difference to people’s lives

Leaders in justice and policing discuss the difference electronic tagging - and the people who deliver the service - make to peoples’ lives, as well as considering crime prevention achievements which are helping towards safer societies.

Innovations and developments in electronic tagging

We consider what's next for electronic tagging, including the new technology innovations being trialled with the aim of benefitting both victims of crime and society.

Supporting ex-offenders to reach their potential

At Capita, we’re focused on supporting ex offenders to achieve their full potential. Our spotlight video compilation features recent interns and shows the positive impact that a second chance can make to people lives.

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