In accordance with PPN 06/21 Capita is required to publish Carbon Reduction Plans (CRP) in the required format for all entities bidding for contracts in scope of the PPN. All CRPs can be found on this webpage.

Capita has committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2035. Our full commitments can be found on our climate change hub and our latest carbon emissions statistics can be found in our Responsible Business Report 2020

Please note the following:

  • Carbon emissions data at Capita Plc is reported at group level only. It is therefore reported in CRPs (for all bidding entities other than Capita PLC and Capita Business Services Limited) using a calculation based on the bidding entity’s turnover as a proportion of Capita Plc’s turnover: the percentage is then used to calculate the bidding entity’s emissions as a proportion of Capita plc emissions.
  • In February 2021, Capita plc set science-based carbon emissions reduction targets for energy use, business travel and supply chain in line with global ambitions to limit warming to 1.50C. All targets referred to in CRPs are derived from Capita Plc targets.
  • CRPs are prepared for the purposes of PPN06/21 in accordance with its mandated requirements and are not intended to represent Capita plc’s full approach to reducing its carbon footprint (which can be found on our climate change hub and our latest Responsible Business report)
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