We seek to conform to high standards of international best practice

Capita's approach to governance, business ethics, supplier management, client relations and health and safety. Capita is a purpose-led organisation which exists to ‘create better outcomes’ for all our stakeholders:

  • Our people – by providing an environment in which they can thrive and develop
  • Clients and customers – by delivering solutions, transforming business and services and by delighting them
  • Suppliers and partners – by treating them fairly and encouraging them to deliver an excellent service
  • Investors – by delivering improving returns
  • Society – by acting as a responsible business for the communities we serve.

Our people

Capita has a workforce of more than 50,000 people employed in 10 countries.

Having a professional, engaged, well-managed and supported workforce is critical to our ability to successfully delight our clients and create better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our people strategy focuses on:

  • Reward
  • Engagement and inclusion
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Resourcing
  • Performance and development
  • Transformation.

Our clients and customers

We are committed to maintaining and improving the services we provide to our clients. We conduct an annual survey of our key clients to provide a view of client satisfaction.

This survey, along with our regular feedback mechanisms, helps us to identify where we need to work harder and where there is potential to add further value to our clients’ operations.

Our suppliers

We value the business relationships we have with our suppliers and seek to build lasting relationships, treating our suppliers and partners fairly and paying promptly.

We want to work with suppliers who share our values and support us in delivering our purpose.

Our aim is to encourage and work with suppliers to achieve the highest standards within our supply chain. We are committed to working with our supply base to ensure that together we can achieve wider social, economic and environmental benefits.


Our business

Operating responsibly in line with our purpose and values to deliver a transformed Capita means paying close attention to every aspect of our business. We are constantly reviewing our operational processes and systems to ensure that we create better outcomes and build a simpler, stronger and more successful company.

Capita’s Code of Conduct describes what we must do and how we must behave to ensure we have the trust of all our stakeholders. The code applies to everyone who works at or with Capita.

Speak Up policy is there for any person working at or with Capita, if they face a situation that contradicts our code of Conduct. It explains how these types of concerns, also known as ‘whistleblowing’, can be raised within Capita and the channels available to do so confidentially, reasonably, effectively and without fear of repercussions.

Protecting privacy

We take our responsibility to keep our client and people data safe and secure. We process personal data in line with all applicable laws, including how we collect, store, use, retain, transfer and delate personal data. Our privacy policy details how we expect everyone to take responsibility for the privacy of data, applying our data protection standards, procedure and guidance in their areas of the business.

These are our baseline requirements which must be followed and include maintaining information asset registers, a comprehensive incident management process and completing data protection impact assessments where necessary.

We continue to raise awareness of the importance of privacy through our mandatory training and ongoing communication programmes.

Strengthening security

Our information, cyber security policy and associated standards, guide us all on how to act to keep information safe.

We continually review these policies and standards to align with industry best practice and keep abreast of emerging threats. We raise awareness of these policies through ongoing communication and training delivered via our security subject matter experts and senior managers. Our cyber resilience programme is led by our Chief Information Security Officer and enhances our skills, processes and technology, to maintain a resilient and responsible business.  

Capita is proud to be an Associate member for FY20/21 of CyberFirst, which;

  • was launched in May 2016 and is inspired and led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ.
  • is a programme of opportunities helping young people explore their passion for tech by introducing them to the world of cyber security.
  • is supported by UK industry members; Capita will help the NCSC develop the next generation of cyber security professionals that people, businesses and institutions all over the UK are relying on.

Creating a safe working environment

We have a robust health and safety management system which incorporates processes and procedures to manage identified risks effectively and to ensure compliance is achieved across the business.

Compliance levels are monitored through audit process and performance is reported to our Executive Committee monthly. Data is analysed for trends to ensure continuous improvement, to positively influence behaviours and to achieve the required outcome of legally compliant organisation.


We do not tolerate bribery and corruption. Our Anti-bribery and Corruption policy applies to all Capita businesses and employees.

The risk and compliance team monitors compliance against this policy, ensuring all parts of the business are aware of their responsibilities in terms of charity donations, sponsorship, facilitation payments, gifts and hospitality.

All Capita’s employee must complete financial crime training annually.


Human rights

We aspire to conduct business in a way that values and respects the human rights of all our stakeholders. Our Human Rights policy details our commitments to upholding the principles of human rights, as set out in the UN declaration of human rights and the International Labour Organisation core labour principles.

We comply with all relevant legislations, including the UK Modern Slavery Act which is detailed further online.

Our responsible business strategy

Digital inclusion

We will enable better digital access by equipping people in our communities with the digital skills required for today’s world.

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Youth skills & jobs

We will drive greater social mobility by empowering young people in the communities we serve to progress into the world of work.

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Inclusive workplace

We will build a more inclusive organisation by having a workforce that reflects the diversity of our communities and is inclusive for all employees.

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Sustainable innovation

We will reduce our environmental impact by seeking to reduce our contribution to climate change and supporting our clients to do the same.

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