Capita is a leading provider of business process services, driven by data, technology and people.

Every day our 43,000 colleagues help millions of people, by delivering innovative, digitally enabled solutions to transform and simplify the connections between government and citizens, businesses and customers.

We're driven by our purpose: to create better outcomes – for our employees, clients and customers, suppliers and partners, investors, and society.

We're committed to being a responsible business – in how we operate, serve society, respect our people and the environment, and deliver attractive returns to our investors.

We partner with clients and provide them with the insight and cutting-edge technologies that give time back, allowing them to focus on what they do best and making people’s lives easier and simpler.

We operate in the UK, Europe, India and South Africa – and across 2 divisions: Capita Public Service and Capita Experience.

About Capita

Capita at a glance

We operate across two divisions – Capita Public Service and Capita Experience – in the UK, Europe, India and South Africa:

Capita Public Service

We provide applied digital transformation and Business Process as a Service to improve the productivity and citizen experience of public services. The division is focused around those verticals where we have particular expertise and scale: education & learning; local public services; health & welfare; defence, security & fire; justice & policing; transport and central government.

Capita Experience

We’re experts in designing, transforming and delivering frictionless experiences for the life moments that really matter. Our focus is on chosen industry verticals: telecoms, media & technology; retail & consumer products; energy & utilities; government & transport and financial services.

About Capita

Our approach

We deliver innovative solutions – to simplify the connections between businesses and customers, governments and citizens. And we believe ‘good’ can always be made ‘better’. In every action we take and decision we make, we challenge ourselves to do more.

Everything can be improved, evolved and optimised. That’s how progress is made.

    All our partnerships are built around creating better outcomes – for clients, suppliers, customers and communities.

    We work and partner with our clients in a number of ways – from the more traditional partnerships to short-term flexible arrangements, joint ventures or shared services. We’re always open to new arrangements.

    We also partner with innovative digital companies and forward-thinkers – such as UiPath, Silicon Foundry and Amazon Connect – so we’re never limited by, and always developing, our own capabilities and ways of doing things. While our partnerships with top tier digital vendors mean we can deliver the best technology to meet our clients’ needs.

    The diversity of our delivery network means we can offer our clients flexibility, specialist skills, resources and technology, quality and cost-effectiveness through our onshore, nearshore and offshore locations.

    We have some 450 business sites and over 43,000 passionate people. Most of our business sites are in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Northern Europe, complemented by operations and delivery centres in India, South Africa and the Middle East.

    Growing stronger by living our values

    At Capita, we live by our values. They define who we are, how we work and help us create better outcomes.

    Underneath each value, we've identified the behaviours we expect from everyone who works here and we're working hard to embed our values and behaviours to help us become a stronger business that puts our people first.


    We’re honest, transparent and respectful

    • We listen before we talk.
    • We welcome people’s differences and encourage diverse input.
    • We share information, but we also know when something needs to be confidential.
    • We don’t stay silent when we have something to say.
    • We thank others for their contribution.


    We think about what’s possible

    • We seek opportunities to learn and to teach.
    • We challenge ourselves, and each other, to find new ideas.
    • We create solutions that other people haven’t thought of yet.
    • We learn from our mistakes.
    • We strive to keep improving.


    We achieve more when we work together

    • We ask for, and offer, support when needed.
    • We solve problems by working together.
    • We give and receive useful feedback.
    • We agree on who’s doing what.
    • We trust others to do their jobs well.

    We care about doing the best job we can

    • We deliver reliably using our tried and tested processes and following our code of conduct.
    • We identify how the work we do leads to better long-term outcomes.
    • We design our solutions with people in mind.
    • We communicate clearly and frequently to set and manage expectations.
    • We see things through, taking responsibility from start to finish.

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