Vicki Moffatt is the Senior Operations Manager for the Trade UK contract. She joined Capita in 1997, after a recommendation from her friend.

From her early days working as a customer service advisor, she’s always been open to learning and growing. Now her role as a leader is helping others to discover their potential.

What I love most about Capita is the people and diversity here. There’s such a strong sense of camaraderie as we work together as a team, delivering for our clients and building a reputation for doing a great job.

Taking a chance

I left school in 1984 with good O-Level grades. I didn’t go on to higher education and at the time I wanted to join the police force, not work in an office. Filing and typing weren’t going to be my ‘thing’. I never expected to be working for an organisation like Capita or staying for so long.

After starting a family, a close friend who was an Operations Manager on a telecoms company account at the time invited us to go on holiday with them. She suggested I apply for a part-time job at Capita to give me a bit of spending money for holidays. So, I did. And that’s where it all began.

Growing from day one

I started as a customer service advisor on the BT paging service (this was in 1997 and long before everyone had mobile phones). I can still remember taking my first call. It was scary, my palms were sweating, and I couldn’t type and speak at the same time. Some of us doubled up and took turns until our confidence grew. For a time, I had to balance working and raising a family so I would pick and choose what roles and shifts I could accept. 

I really enjoyed the customer-facing roles and was then given the opportunity to develop further. I was enrolled into different leadership programmes and my development into more senior roles felt like a natural progression. In my time at Capita, I’ve grown my experience and my career across several roles including Team Leader, Operations Manager, Sales Analyst, and Unit Administrator.

Going one step further

I also had the opportunity to establish the Employee Representative team (now known as Connect) in around 2000. I held the position of Chair for quite a few years. It gave me a real understanding of the wider business, broadened my knowledge, and allowed me to create a good network of colleagues who I still call on now if I need support, and vice versa.

Being a leader for others

I’ve been lucky to have some great role models and mentors in my time here. They’ve trusted me and given me a platform and the autonomy to create my own style as a leader. I’ve learned in my leadership roles that work is different for everyone. As a leader, I believe I can make a difference.

Whether this is in supporting someone starting their first job and needing guidance and confidence or coaching, mentoring, and developing someone keen to pursue a career. Maybe it’s making work a pleasurable environment and a respite from home, as is sadly the case for some people, or perhaps it’s making someone nearing the end of their work life still feel valued. Everyone has the potential to find their place and contribute positively.

Being open to new things

My message to anyone looking for a career, or even just a different direction, is to give Capita a go. The opportunities presented are now greater than they have ever been. It’s not all about experience or qualifications anymore, you just need to apply yourself, put yourself forward, and be flexible and willing to learn.

I don’t have any aspirations to progress further right now as I love my current role, but I always say, “never say never”!


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