Smart chatbots which simulate real conversations to help meet demand

When all around is chaos and confusion, your customers expect you to be there for them, providing fast accurate answers to queries, setting their minds at rest with no fuss, no bother.

Planning for expected spikes in customer contact is standard operational practice. But, as we’ve found in recent months, if you haven’t factored the “unknown unknowns” into your plans, you’re putting your relationship with customers, and reputation for customer service, at risk.

With Conversation AI, your website becomes the first port of call for urgent enquires and basic information and advice. Instead of inundating your contact centre, and disrupting BAU, customers have the option of connecting with you via smart chatbots pre-loaded with relevant and continually updated information - anytime, day or night. 

Because it replicates the flow of a ‘real’ conversation by taking context and customer intent into consideration when framing responses in fluid, natural sounding language, customers engage easily with Conversational AI. Conversational AI allows you to handle fluctuating call volumes with minimal effort and at far less cost, not only financially but in terms of the damage inadequate or unreliable customer service can do to your customer relationships and reputation.

It’s simple to deploy and has minimal impact on resources. With a few lines of code and information from trusted sources, you can have it up-and-running within a day. It can scale quickly and easily to deal with any unexpected increase in contact volume. 

Keeping information used by the chatbots up to date is simply a matter of inputting updated content into your CMS and publishing it on your website. Our Conversational AI tool is equally effective answering general service and support queries or helping customers understand their options before making a purchase. It can handle most customer issues but, when it can’t help, Conversational AI will connect the customer to the appropriate department or agent. 

Conversational AI will help you improve customer satisfaction at the same time as reducing call handling time, minimising the strain on your contact centres and reducing cost to serve.

Our solutions

The solution
Conversational AI
What is it Conversational AI is a smart chatbot which gives your customers direct access to personalised information and advice from your website. Conversational AI means you’re always there when customers need help.
How it helps It allows you to improve customer satisfaction, reduce the cost to service and call handling times and maintain BAU while deal with fluctuating call demands.
Features include
  • Simple, speedy deployment
  • Scales quickly and easily to deal with any unexpected increase in contact volume
  • Easy to update
  • Takes context and customer intent into consideration
  • Uses fluid, natural sounding language
  • Handles up to 95% of customer issues
  • Assess expertise and availability before diverting customers it can’t help to the appropriate agent.
Who's it for Any organisation with contact centres providing customer service and support.
Getting started With a few lines of code and the right content from trusted sources, Capita's conversational AI tool can be up and running on your website within a day.

Key features

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