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You’re closer with Capita. We’re helping government transform its services so that they’re more effective, more efficient and more flexible. This means you can exceed citizen expectations and deliver tomorrow’s ambitions through better insights. And, when emergencies happen, you can put new services in place fast.

Nothing should stand between people and government. And with citizen experiences enabled by Capita, nothing does.

Key statistics

We’re working with government departments to make citizen experiences more effective, more efficient and more flexible.


➥ The number of 999 calls answered every day by our contact centres


➥ How many clinical assessments we help deliver every month

2.8 million

➥ The number of calls our gas safety team deals with every year


➥ The improvement we helped one police client achieve in resolution at first point of contact

Here’s how we can help


Rapid response and deployment

Maintaining operational resilience by using innovative technology to respond to critical situations in an agile way.


Service transformation

Working with government to transform service through data insight and process know-how to create easier customer journeys and deliver outcomes.


Reputation and trust

Supporting inclusivity and driving social mobility by using data to keep up with citizen expectations and earn their trust.


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Case studies

Hear from our customers


We’ve also been able to identify issues with vulnerable children [by identifying] full-time exclusions that we didn’t know about or wouldn’t have known about before.


Jenny Holdcroft

Staffordshire County Council


Taking the transaction out of public service

Great experiences are the ones that go a little deeper – from a transaction to a relationship. This report explores how central government can get closer to the society it serves.


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