Increasing e-commerce sales with innovative recovery solutions

Capita’s Optilead software is combating a problem that costs online retailers £200bn a year – abandoned online sales.

As soon as a purchase is abandoned, perhaps because a customer is distracted or their Wi-Fi fails, Optilead alerts businesses and encourages customers to complete their purchase, in real time, rather than hours or days later. 

One major travel company has increased revenue by £10m a year, using the software. A telecoms firm has earned an extra £13m, with an average of 20,000 recovery calls each month.


of baskets are recovered by Optilead doubling your revenue


a year increase in one telecom company’s revenue


first-time recontact rate for a major insurance firm

How it works

Capita’s Optilead software identifies and retargets shoppers who’ve dropped out of an omnichannel journey, checkout, or payment process. It tracks visitors on your website, captures when they’ve abandoned a basket, alerts you within 60 seconds, and enables you to reengage with that customer, via Voice, SMS, webchat or email. And it’s part of a broader digital concierge service that helps you track, trace, help, nurture and convert your customers.

Key features

  • It is the only product on the market that works in real time, identifying a dropped basket lead within 60 seconds and immediately sending it through to an agent for action.
  • It can analyse your customers’ buying behaviours so you’ll know how they respond during particular seasons or one-off shopping events, such as Black Friday.
  • It will reduce cost per acquisition spend which is critical to the long-term sustainability of your organisation.
  • You can use it with your own call centre, or as part of our powerful blended inbound solution.
  • It will have a genuine impact on your customers and their relationship with you. They buy more from you, they have an enhanced digital journey, they’re happier with the service they receive and their loyalty increases.

What if you could fix customer abandonment?

How Optilead can double your online revenue by capturing and converting dropped basket shoppers.

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