Conversational AI can be your first line of defence

When calls increase customer satisfaction doesn’t have to suffer. Conversational AI is uniquely suited to act as the first line of urgent enquiry during disruptive events.

It can deliver critical information to customers, so lifting the load from contact centres, and preventing BAU from grinding to a halt as advisers become swamped with calls.

Conversational AI is a solution that is quick and easy to deploy, simple to scale, and has minimal impact on resources. It can be updated rapidly and continuously from trusted sources, and with a few lines of code and the right content it can be up and running within a day.

By using conversational AI to respond rapidly to customers during challenging times you can instil confidence, maintain your reputation and relieve stress from your staff and customers.

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With a few lines of code and the right content from trusted sources, Capita's conversational AI tool can be up and running on your website within a day.

We are living through unprecedented times.

And when customers are concerned they want to be able to get through to those who can put their minds at rest.

However, a whirlwind of incoming calls and contacts can quickly overwhelm your contact centre as worried consumers seek the latest information.

They expect instantaneous responses to their queries and can be quick to criticise organisations that cannot give them the facts they need at the speed they want.

If your operation struggles to cope, your reputation and bottom line can be at risk. 

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